In a show of support for the Equal Justice Initiative, Castelli has partnered with NBA All-Star Reggie Miller and Team BOOMBABY to create the Say Their Names jersey.


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As most of you know, we live in a different world today, and I really feel CHANGE is a coming. Each of us must to do our part, that’s why I’m so excited to announce that Team BOOMBABY and @castellicycling have partnered to create “Say Their Names” custom kit recognizing that ‘Enough is Enough’, ‘We Won’t Be Silent’ and we must commit to the mission that ‘Black Futures Matter’ All proceeds raised from sales will go to @eji_org, a 501 C3 organization committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protect basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society. In addition, both Team BOOMBABY and Castelli will match the dollar amount of proceeds on the FIRST 100 kits sold. Thank you Castelli for always stepping up, please check the link in my bio.. Let’s ALWAYS remember to “Say Their Names”, we all can make a difference… #SayTheirNames #GoneButNotForgotten 📸: @hrodriguezphotos

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Many know Reggie Miller as an all-star professional basketball player, but he’s also big into cycling. Castelli has partnered with Miller’s Team Boombaby before to support the Dropping Dimes Foundation, but this time they’re partnering up to support the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI). All proceeds of the collection’s sales will go to EJI which is a 501 C3 charity that is focused on criminal justice reform, racial justice and improving public education.

Castelli Say Their Names Mens jersey

photo c. Castelli

The Say Their Names collection is available in men’s and women’s options and a black & white colorway for both. The jerseys have a Prosecco Strada fabric and mesh side panels for breathability, extended sleeves, a full-length zipper and inset sleeves for a better fit around the arms.

Castelli Say Their Names women's jersey

Wrapping up the build features of the jersey, it has silicone grippers around an elastic waist, 3 rear pockets and reflective details. Men’s tops are available in sizes XS-XXXL for $100. Women’s jerseys come in sizes XS-XXL and are also priced at $100.

Team BOOMBABY and Castelli will both fully match the donations of the first 100 kits sold. The jerseys are currently on pre-order and will hit doorsteps in August.


  1. Robin on

    I like the jersey, the message, and the cause. Kudos to Miller and Castelli.

    I wonder how this will go over with racist or bigoted humans piloting cars?

  2. Jeff on

    They should make a kit for the little girl killed in Chicago over the weekend. Although, a cop didn’t shoot her so i guess her life didn’t matter.

    • Tom on

      The pendulum has swung to “defunding” the police. Including such things as dismantling the NY anti crime unit. The result being a nearly 300% increase in shootings over last year for the same period. Between that, and bail reform, would be felons are on the street 24/7 in NY. It’s the law abiding residents of minority neighborhoods who pay the ultimate price. We can move on from the tragedy of a one year old getting killed with a little hand wringing (DiBlasio) because it doesn’t fit with the preferred narrative. Very much in keeping with the “thoughts and prayers” crap offered after each mass shooting – wring our hands, and do nothing about the cause.

      • Bryan on

        For all I know, Tom, you might be a statistician familiar with NY’s situation, and you might be absolutely right that “dismantling the NY crime unit” has “result[ed” in the large increase in shootings you cite. If not, please consider revisiting your stats textbook and reviewing the difference between *correlation* and *causation*.

  3. Astro Kraken on

    Jeff will exploit a child’s murder rather than say that black lives matter.

    Bikerumor you need better filters to hide people like this from the rest of civilized society.

  4. rodegeek on

    I want to order the jersey. Can anyone tell me, do Castelli jerseys still run a size smaller than U.S. brands?

  5. Andrew on

    Disgusting. Pathetic and disgusting. I’ll never ever buy another Castelli item ever. They were the last brand I would buy stuff from at my LBS here in Italy, happy to support them instead of going online,and then this . Good job Castelli…

    • Dockboy on

      Is it really so terrible to make a stand for equality? Why don’t Black Lives Matter?

      Get ready to start saving lots of money as more companies are getting behind the whole “Black People are People” idea.

  6. wes on

    News flash silver. Just because you say “help the sea turtles” doesn’t mean F&$* the other sea life. There is a certain segment of our population that needs some help from everyone right now.

  7. Josh on

    It always surprises me when I’m forced to face how many cyclists are also moronic, racist shįthumans. For some reason, I continually assume we’re better than that as a subculture.

    • Gillis on

      Josh, as am I. Just today, in my regional FB mtb group, a guy posted asking about the dangers of road riding, and one commenter just shat on roadies, basically saying they get what they deserve for playing in the streets.

  8. Tom on

    Not a professional statistician. But heavy stats course load in engineering school. So I am familiar with most statistical tools. July 4th weekend in NYC, there were at least 21 shootings, resulting in at least 9 deaths. Frame that body count. shooters have basically been handed carte blanche, and the results are predictable. how much pain/shooting is tolerable in order to try to change the game? Do people in these communities have the same tolerance? In the meantime, local economies will continue their devolution toward bankruptcy as businesses decide it’s no longer worthwhile to be there, and mobile residents decide to go somewhere safer, further eroding the tax base. It would delight me to be proven 100% wrong about all of this, and to know that no child ever again has to see her father assassinated on a street corner while holding his hand.

    • Padrote on

      What are you on about? Clearly, applying and interpreting statistics correctly is more important than being able to singularly rattle them off and I’m not sure you have done that. OK, you counted 21 shootings over one weekend and are using this to imply what? I just see a bunch of loosey goosey amateur sociology.

      No, black people being murdered by the police is not the most statistically significant cause of death for African Americans. However, that it can happen so egregiously and repeatedly without recourse is emblematic of how the US has treated black Americans for hundreds of years. That is why people are outraged.

  9. Drew Diller on

    Of all the “all lives matter” people in this comment thread who clearly don’t have compassion for the existence of other people, I wonder HOW MANY of you, if the subject were a different product with a different social message, would say something like — “Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Supply and demand.”

    Hmm? Yeah? About right? Yeah. Y’all lookin real goofy right now. Real goofy.

    Other People Have A Right To Exis– STOP MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE ON MY BICYCLE GRAAARGH get yourself checked for rabies seriously.

  10. Brian on

    I love that Castelli is getting behind this cause. As a recovering Knicks fan, I have slight twangs of pain that its Reggie Miller driving this – though that pain is drowned out by the mere fact that I am a Knicks fan…


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