If you’re going to the lengths of wearing an aero helmet, you probably want to get the full benefit from it. Right? Of course you do, which is why the new aero helmet from Lazer looks pretty interesting. Thanks to an all new fit system, the new Lazer Volante looks like it could offer the ideal aerodynamic fit.

Lazer Volante detail chart Lazer Volante Turnfit Tilt system

Over the years, aerodynamic experts have obsessed over the transition from the back of the helmet to the rider. The smoother the transition, the better the aerodynamics which is why head position is often critical to getting the most out of your aero helmet. But what if that position isn’t comfortable to hold?

That seems to be where the Lazer Turnfit Tilt system comes in. The retention system snugs down with a Turnfit dial as usual, but after the fit system is tightened you still have the option to adjust the helmet’s tilt. In theory, this should allow you to adjust the position of the helmet so that it offers the best aerodynamic positioning without making yourself uncomfortable.

Lazer Volante padding

At the back of the helmet, Lazer includes a ponytail/ice stuff box which can be used for… ponytail or ice stowage. Inside, Aerated X-Static padding allows for more airflow while the anti-microbial treatment should keep things fresh.

Lazer Volante shield lens

A magnetic panoramic lens prevents any blind spots, and offers full eye protection.

Lazer Volante colors

Offered in either black or white, the helmet is sold with a mirrored smoke lens and has a clear lens that is sold separately for $29.95. In a M/L, the helmet itself weighs 380g, while the massive lens weighs 135g itself.

Available in November, the CE/CPSC/AS certified helmet will sell for $364.95.


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