Exposed cables are so 2018, right? That seems to be the case if you look to the newest crop of super bikes headed for the Tour. For Scott, their Foil already had a light weight, aerodynamically optimized frame. The next logical step was to eliminate those exposed cables and create a front end that not only looks better, but claims to be even more aerodynamic.

Scott Foil aero road bike computer mount Scott Foil aero road bike front end

There’s no denying that the front end of the new Foil looks quite tidy. Borrowing the Syncros Creston IC SL handlebar from the 2020 Addict RC, both mechanical shift cables,  electronic shifting wires, and hydraulic hoses can be routed completely internally.

Scott Foil aero road bike cable routing

From there, the cabling leads into the steerer tube area to make its way to the rest of the bike. Scott claims this was done without any compromise to the shifting or braking performance or to the stiffness of the headset area on the frame. It’s also “surprisingly easy for mechanics to change cables” – compared to what is the question here.

Scott Foil aero road bike fork

To make this all work, the bike needed a new fork compatible with the internal routing. Visually, the fork looks very similar to the previous model with fork tip flaps to improve aerodynamics and clearance for up to 30mm tires.

Scott Foil aero road bike blacked out

Detail wise, the frame looks almost identical to the 2018 Foil Disc with the obvious exception of the missing cable tunnel on the downtube. Features carry over like derailleur hangers for either traditional or direct mount rear derailleurs, a built in chain drop device above the PF86 bottom bracket, and rear dropouts that have slanted faces to facilitate faster wheel swaps.

Fancy New Paint

Scott Foil aero road bike iridescent paint

Along with the sleek new look from a cabling perspective, the Scott Foil 10 and 30 models also see a beautiful new paint scheme. The fade from front to back changes colors depending on the angle and the light from green, to purple, to blue (green fades with hidden cables seems to be a popular look this year).

Scott Foil aero road bike team michelton scott

All photos c. Scott

Pricing and availability on the new bike isn’t yet available, but we do know that the Foil will make its debut at the Tour de France under Team Mitchelton-SCOTT. 


Frame – SCOTT Foil

Groupset – Shimano Dura Ace R9170
Crankset – Shimano Duar Ace FC-R9100P
Cockpit – Syncros Creston IC SL
Handlebar tape – Syncros Super Light
Front Wheel – Shimano Dura Ace WH-R9100-C40
Rear Wheel – Shimano Dura Ace WH-R9100-C40
Tires – Pirelli P-Zero
Saddle – Syncros Belcarra
Seat Post – Syncros Duncan Aero SL
Pedals – Shimano PD-R9100



  1. Jeff on

    When I see a bike like this I wonder why the manufacturer didn’t just go one small step further and put in mounts for fenders. It just seems like they are turning their backs on a potential market segment. It wouldn’t be much trouble, they wouldn’t need to change the basic bike they made at all, just have some way to add fenders. I’m not trying to single out this bike or this manufacturer, I see it from most manufacturers.

  2. blahblah1233445 on

    I’d also like to see mudguard mounts on race bikes, but looking at this new Foil, check how little space there is between the tire and fork crown/frame – there’s no way You can fit a mudguard there.

  3. F.T. on

    The reason why this bike has no fender mounts is probably the same reason why most formula one race cars do not have a trailer coupling… I guess…


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