Lamborghini and Cervelo are at it again. Most recently, the Cervelo P5x was given the Lamborghini design treatment that was inspired by the yellow panels of the new Urus SUV. This time, both the bike and the car responsible for the inspiration are a bit… sharper.

Lamborghini Nurburgring record

All photos c. Cervelo/Lamborghini

In 2018, Lamborghini set out to reclaim the fastest production car lap time around the Nürburgring. Porsche took the record in 2017 from Lamborghini with the 911 GT2 RS, so to get it back, Lamborghini wrapped an Aventador SVJ (Super Veloce Jota) in orange, grey, and black camo and recorded a blistering lap of 6:44.97.

$18k Lamborghini x Cervelo R5 Disc side profile

What bike would you choose to represent the fastest production car? Cervelo seems to think their R5 Disc is the perfect answer to that question. As Cervelo puts it, “The R5, designed to tackle the steepest climbs and descents of the Italian Dolomites, is a kindred spirit to the Aventador SVJ—fast by any measure, but set apart by its handling and poise.”

$18k Lamborghini x Cervelo R5 Disc head tube

Finished in a matching camouflage and with a Lamborghini head badge and top tube logo, the bike certainly stands out – but it doesn’t scream Lamborghini.

$18k Lamborghini x Cervelo R5 Disc stem and bar $18k Lamborghini x Cervelo R5 Disc drivetrain $18k Lamborghini x Cervelo R5 Disc brakes $18k Lamborghini x Cervelo R5 Disc brakes

While the Cervelo certainly isn’t an Italian bike, it is finished with some of the finest Italian components money can buy. The limited edition build includes a full Campagnolo Super Record EPS gruppo, Campagnolo Bora One wheels, a Deda Elementi bar, Vittoria Corsa Pro Tires, and a Fizik Aliante saddle.

If you want one, you’ll have to be fast since there will only be 63 bikes produced to pay homage to Lamborghini’s founding in 1963. The price for this limited edition piece of Lamborghini/Cervelo history? That would be a cool $18,000 – just slightly less than double the cost of a Dura-Ace Di2 equipped Cervelo R5 Disc.



  1. Huffagnolo SuperMagna on

    18k for a Cervelo with a Lambo badge on it? No thanks. Maybe could understand on a full custom bike with a master fitting, custom everything and 1 yearly service at your home.

    I think Campy is great and Lambos are cool to look at and Cervelo is for those who want a bike like that but at that price I could buy a couple dream bikes and buy some decent scotch to sip while staring at them.

  2. Trenton on

    Cervelo is owned by PON holdings, and Lamborgini is owned by Audi who is owned by VW and you guessed it….PON owns a substantial amount of shares in VW. So I understand the collaboration. I’ll hold out for the Ducati / Santa Cruz bikes collaboration.

    Side note:

    I wish that for such a premium gruppo that campy would design a prettier albeit more modern rotor. Their rotors look like basic sram rotors from a decade ago. They look terrible.

      • Jason West on

        Side side side note. This is one of the lamest kinds of comments. Why shouldn’t he have an opinion on a $18,000 bicycle? Aesthetics are important. What about that don’t you understand? Of course looks are subject. Trenton thinks the rotors are terrible looking maybe you don’t that’s cool. This is a bicycle website showing us what we can buy and everything is about performance AND looks.

        • SK on

          I’m not saying he can’t (or shouldn’t) have an opinion. I’m questioning why he thinks we all need to know what it is. I might have an opinion too (about the design), I’m just pretty sure no one else cares what it is. Since it’s completely subjective.

    • Dylan Sutton on

      Maybe they designed the rotors for function rather than form? If you want their priorities the other way round, there are always some Deltas to be had on eBay 🙂

    • Robin on

      It’s a beautiful rotor and by all accounts, Campy’s hydro brakes work at least as good as any other brakes out there and very possibly better.

    • Huffagnolo SuperMagna on

      I am guessing the rotor was designed for the pro-peloton because disc rotors are super dangerous and will literally slice off your leg.

      The UCI always knows what they are doing and they aren’t stuck in the past they are so far into the future we cannot understand. What’s old is new, right?

  3. Jörg Hippo Thomsen on

    Well, it is 18.000$ for a bike, which you could built up EXACTLY like that for less than 8000 € with brand spanking new parts (and I am including 1000 € for a matching paint job). Even IF you were to pay retail on the frame and parts it wouldn’t cost more than 11.000 € to built an exact replica of the bike…

    THIS is a bike for insanely stupid people.

    Concerning the looks: I agree with everybody who dislikes the looks of the campa brakes and rotors. Luckily one can replace the the calipers with hope RX4 and use whichever rotors one prefers.

    Also, the special trcikery of the Aventador SVJ is all about aerodynamics…So why are they using an R5 for this lamborghini build and not the S5 ?!?

  4. Tom on

    It’s a very strange world when the Lamborghini association costs more than the bike itself, remarkable to me that anyone would value the name that much. I’m guessing they will not sell all of these, and the remainders will show up in back channel distribution for LESS than the cost of a standard Cervelo. Or they’ll be handed out to Lamborghini execs/favored clients. In 35 years of riding, I can’t recall seeing anyone riding a automotive rebranded bike.

  5. Double-Dee on

    Ugly and overpriced. I’d buy an R5 build with Sram Axs and buy a sweet used Ducati for the same price and call it a day- but, that’s just me.

  6. GG on

    I agree with Jason (and with Trenton for that matter). This is the comments section on a bike blog. Trenton’s seems like a perfectly reasonable comment and not at all out of line with what one would be expected to post in response to an article about an $18,000 co-lab between Lamborghini and Cervelo with Campy Super Record components

  7. Andy W on

    I’m not sure why so many people here are down on the bike and it’s value for money. It’s really not targeted at anyone who is even looking at the price at all. The car this bike is associated with is well over $500,000. The buyer of an Aventador SVJ would spend more than the cost of the bike just choosing a custom paint scheme as an option for the car. For most of the buyers of this bike it will be a collectable trinket to hang on the wall of the garage containing all their other million dollar cars and auto memorabilia. It’s likely to never turn a wheel.

  8. Dinger on

    “I am guessing the rotor was designed for the pro-peloton because disc rotors are super dangerous and will literally slice off your leg. ”

    It’s ironic that the definition of “literally” was recently updated to basically include hyperbole. Oh, and no, disc rotors aren’t dangerous. The scenario you assert has *literally* (pre-update definition) never happened.

    • Huffagnolo SuperMagna on

      I was making a joke. I know disc rotors will not actually chop off your leg and chainrings are probably more dangerous honestly.

  9. Bryin on

    The mere fact that road bikes sell for more than $6k USD is an indictment on the intelligence of the people buying them. The same can be said of the people that purchase that hideous car.


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