What’s yellow and wears a Lamborghini badge? If you happened to be at the Geneva International Motor Show, that question had two answers. The new Lamborghini Urus, and the new Limited Edition Cervelo P5x.

Cervelo & Lamborghini start up P5x Limited Edition triathlon bike
Photo c. Lamborghini

If the standard P5x is a little too pedestrian at $15,000 for its eTap/ENVE build, then this is sure to get your attention. Limited to just 25 individually numbered bikes, the tri bike was handed over to Lamborghini’s Centro Stile design lab which came up with the striking graphic design. Lamborghini already had a relationship with Cervelo to provide training bikes for Lamborghini Accademia drivers, so the collaboration wasn’t much of a stretch. And now with the introduction of the Urus, there’s actually a Lambo that you might be able to use to transport the bike, short of a SeaSucker rack.

Cervelo & Lamborghini start up P5x Limited Edition triathlon bike

While the frame design and spec remain the same as the standard Dura Ace Di2 build, the Limited Edition bike does get the full custom look treatment. Starting with the black and yellow Y shaped paint theme, the paint also includes Lamborghini logos and the custom number plate.

Cervelo & Lamborghini start up P5x Limited Edition triathlon bike Cervelo & Lamborghini start up P5x Limited Edition triathlon bike

Cervelo & Lamborghini start up P5x Limited Edition triathlon bike

The custom touches extend to the Cervelo P5x Aeorbars, and the wheels get matching yellow and black graphics. Like the original, the Limited Edition P5x ships with its own custom Biknd travel case – that is, if you actually plan on riding the thing instead of just hanging it on your wall. No price is given, so it’s probably one of those scenarios where if you have to ask…



  1. I understand as part of a marketing tool these bikes are important but I would question if they ever get ridden or just stay in some basement in Dubai used as a boasting toy?

  2. Um, you would think Lambo would pick a nice looking bike, I guess the P5x is kind of out there, so it matches up in that way, but really that is an ugly bike. I’ve seen one in person and it just gets worse, especially in small sizes.

  3. I think a Italian sports SUV and a disc brake triathlon bike would certainly appeal to the same crowd, so for that, I say good job to their marketing team. Having said that, KILL THEM BOTH

  4. where are my bottles even going to go ? I REFUSE to invest in a new water carrying system. Hindsight isn’t always 20/20

    • That hump behind the bars is the water tank, fitting a bottle to a Tri bike is like fitting a roof rack to a LMP1 car, but if you really must there are cage mounts just ahead of the rear wheel.

  5. It is not a pleasing bike to begin with, but it is a big canvas for the right artistry. Too bad they didn’t get nice art… disappointed in Lambo designers on that one. Maybe they designed it on the toilet between car concepts…

  6. All of the people involved with creating, painting, specc’ing, owning or riding any of the above products don’t care what you think.

  7. I can tell from most of these comments that they don’t ride very much. The P5X is truly my dream bike. I will own one by the end of this year. I truly understand and like the concept behind the design. CERVELO good job.

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