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Our comments section is provided as a courtesy to our readers and is made available to foster constructive conversations. Note the words “constructive” and “conversation”. These policies are here to ensure an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone, from riders to shop and industry folks. If you leave a comment on any post, it means you agree to these terms:

Comments should ideally add something to the conversation. Statements like “That brand sucks” or “That person’s an idiot” add nothing, are a waste of time and will be deleted.

It’s easy to say something sucks, but it’s about as helpful as a flat tire. It’s much better to explain how you’d improve/fix/change something. And let us know what’s informing your opinion: Do you work in the industry? Have you worked on the same bike or component in your shop? Ridden the same part for years?

If you haven’t read the entire article and comment thread, you’re not ready to comment. That’s like saying a bike sucks without ever having ridden it, which is also frowned upon.

First-time commenters and those who tend to push the boundaries of these terms will have their comments held for approval before publishing. Also, comments with hyperlinks will be held for approval.

We reserve the right to edit language/grammar and/or delete anyone’s comment. Things that will be removed include:

  • Obscene, racist, sexist or any other language that Bikerumor’s editors, in their sole discretion, find objectionable shall be deleted in full. Repeat offenders will be blocked permanently. We strictly enforce this.
  • Baseless, unsubstantiated personal attacks on other commenters, readers, Bikerumor’s writers and editors or the people and brands written about in our posts will not be tolerated. If you disagree with someone’s comments, story or products, state your case politely and back it up.
  • Our comments section is not a customer service forum for you to gripe to a brand. Contact the brand directly about such things.
  • Suggestions that our content is merely an ad disguised as a story. We disclose any and all paid partnerships for any story that contains paid or sponsored content. And we disclose when we use affiliate links. Any story that does not contain such disclosures is not sponsored or paid for by any brands and was written of our own volition. When a comment suggests “This is just an ad for (brand name)” it implies distrust in our editorial efforts, and neither we nor our readers appreciate or deserve that. If you’re concerned about such things, you can read more about how we make money here.
  • Comments that contain links to inappropriate content. We generally allow links to competing media outlets only if that outlet’s coverage or story offers something materially different than our own coverage.


Are you having a bad day? Mad about something? Take a minute, come back to it before you hit “submit”.

If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, in person, in the real world, then don’t say it here. Hiding behind a keyboard is for weak, pathetic losers. C’mon, is that really who you are?


Bikerumor is a privately held website. We reserve the right to manage our comments as we see fit to cultivate a positive environment and productive conversations. General negativity is not productive and will usually be deleted. The ability to share a comment on Bikerumor is a privilege, not a right.

We have no duty to delete or modify any comment, but we may do so at the author’s request at our sole discretion IF such edit would not cause confusion by removing relevant context from the conversation. In other words, please try to get it right the first time.

Lastly, make sure the comment and content you’re posting is your own and is legal. Posting someone else’s intellectual property or criminal material is wrong, and we will turn over any identifying information to the authorities as required by law (Bikerumor collects your email address and IP address for each comment).

“Those who are determined to be ‘offended’ will discover a provocation somewhere. We cannot possibly adjust enough to please the fanatics, and it is degrading to make the attempt.”
― Christopher Hitchens

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