Revenue Disclosures

Dear Bikerumor readers,

Here at Bikerumor we use several methods of revenue generation to pay our writers and keep the site up and running. Below are explanations of each along with any required FTC disclosures.


Our banner ads come from direct sales to brands that want to share their product and brand news with you. These are the brands that make it possible for us to keep Bikerumor going, please click on them and consider those brands when planning your next purchase. Or just email them to say thanks, because without them we would t be able to provide daily news updates for free.

We also run banner ads through one or more ad networks, which generally pull ads from other networks, which means at any given moment, the ads could be coming from one of hundreds of networks out there. This revenue supplements what comes from direct sales. We have controls and limits in place to avoid ads for adult content, drugs and other bad things. We also disallow ads that auto-play sound, as do the legitimate networks that we work with, but these slip through occasionally and may play for a few hours before the ad cops catch them and block them. We hate them, too, but this is a problem that plagues the entire internet with little that can be done besides reactively blocking as quickly as possible. We appreciate your understanding.


If you enjoy Bikerumor’s content but are using ad blocking technology in your browser, please consider whitelisting Bikerumor so it shows ads. Industry estimates suggest 30-40% of internet users have ad blockers installed. If we could recoup that lost revenue for something we’re providing to you for free, we could bring on another full time writer and give you even more great content! Thanks in advance!

Similarly, if you’re a brand that’s benefitted from our coverage and haven’t considered advertising, please get in touch. Ad revenue is how we provide your news to a global audience. We have very affordable options and creative solutions to help you grow your brand awareness and sales. Here, too, thanks in advance!


Let me start with this: we do NOT run advertorials or guest posts written by advertisers. We do NOT offer pay-to-play journalism, and our coverage does NOT bias toward advertisers or against non-advertisers.

We do offer brands the opportunity to sponsor content series like AASQ, Suspension Tech, etc., in which case the information may be about their products or technology or exclusively present their views on a topic, however Bikerumor retains full editorial control and approval and we generally require that the information provided be universally relevant (as subject matter allows). We also offer brands the opportunity to prioritize the timing of reviews if they want something reviewed quickly or have it published on a specific timeline. In no way does this influence the content of the review, nor does it give the brand any advance review or oversight of the review. It ONLY gives them the ability to schedule the date of the review and/or push it to the front of our sometimes very long queue. We believe these options are the ethically correct way to do “sponsored content” that provides value to both the reader and the brand. Any such content will be noted as being sponsored as necessary to provide complete transparency.


We may use affiliate links to websites selling products online (example: for which we may receive a small commission if you purchase that or other products from those websites within a certain timeframe. Any commission paid is from the reseller and does not increase the price you’re paying, but it helps fund our editorial efforts. So, if you can’t buy from your local shop, please consider starting your online shopping through the links on our pages.


Bikerumor’s editors, freelancers and/or support staff may receive free products for review and testing; free travel, lodging and/or meals when attending product launches, tradeshows, factories or other events; and/or free items like T-shirts, coffee, bags, etc. This is considered standard practice as there’s no way we (or most other media outlets) could afford to travel to all of the product launches and events throughout the year. In no way do these subsidies or gifts influence our editorial coverage of any brand, including brands that do not offer such things. At Bikerumor we pride ourselves on covering all brands large and small with equal effort and enthusiasm, something we know long term readers appreciate and startup brands enjoy. We love all the shiny things, all the new tech, and the people behind the brands and products. Our mission is to provide your daily dose of cycling tech no matter who’s producing it or whether they’ll ever advertise with us.

Enjoy the ride, and thanks for reading!