Are you tired of constantly looking over your shoulder to check traffic when you’re commuting by bike? Cyclesight could be a solid solution to your problem. Cockpit mounted rear view mirrors do the job. But, they also move about as you move the handlebars so aren’t always ideal. The Cyclesight rear view camera is seat post mounted, so it always shows you what you want to see – what’s behind you. It’s a lot more than that too…

Cyclesight Rear View Camera

The Cyclesight rear view camera sends a live continuous feed of the view from its seat post mounted position, to the LCD display on your handlebar. If a vehicle approaches you from behind, you’ll see it on the screen. For cycle commuters, it’s like having eyes in the back of your head.

It may give you that extra split second reaction time you need to get out of the way of a dangerous driver. The Cyclesight camera is continually recording the feed. So, in the case of an accident, you can use the footage as evidence in court – much like the dash cam in your car. 

cyclesight rear view camera for cycle commuters bar mounted display unit

The LCD screen has adjustable brightness so you can whack it up depending on the conditions. The rear view camera position is adjustable too, but not on the fly.

cyclesight seat post mounted rear facing camera for safety when commuting by bike adjustable view

You set up the field of view when you install it onto your seat post. The camera is mounted on a slider so you can move it up and down slightly according to the angle of your seat tube.

installing cyclesight rear view camera for commuting by bike garmin style clamp lock mounts

Cyclesight looks pretty easy to install. The clamp mounts for the bar and seat post come with rubber adapters to fit a range of tube and bar diameters. The display and camera then attach to the mounts via a Garmin style locking system. The bar mounted clamp shouldn’t interfere with your brakes and shifters any more than a cycle computer would.

Pricing & Availability

The Cyclesight rear view camera for cycle commuters will be available to pre-order September 17-20th during the Sea Otter Play digital bike festival. Get it at a discounted pre-order price of $269 USD in black (MSRP $299 USD). Grey, dark blue, red and purple video display and camera housing color choices are also available during this pre-order special for $289.


  1. Mark MTR on

    I wonder how safe would that ride be with so much distraction hanging on the handlebars. GPS, Speed, Phone notification, camera screen. Oh yeah and before you hit the road don’t forget to charge the batteries of your powermeter, cycling computer, lights, rear camera, camera screen, phone, Di2 and maybe your electric bike too.

    • Gerald on

      I agree. I have an excellent glass mirror that attaches to the arm on my sun glass’s. It cost $20, made in USA and doesn’t need batteries. The field of vision is amazing, but to most roadies it’s too geeky for their taste.
      With my savings I can purchase several bottles of good single malt, sit back, and wonder what will be the next stupid electronic gizmo for cycling. .

  2. Mr G on

    No doubt some will be streaming films on those long commutes.
    Think it’s another money harvester how’s knows we might reinvent the wheel soon.

  3. devnatu on

    does this work like a go pro, for example will you exact same postion of the car as you would see in mirror or the image is flipped like go pro or any action camera. for example if the car is coming from right, the way camera is mounted it will show you it coming from left. Hope this makes sense.


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