Küat has just updated its most popular (and most affordable) tray-style hitch rack, the Transfer. The new Transfer V2 will continue to arrive in 1, 2 and 3-bike configurations, with improved modular add-on ability for all three, letting it max out with 4 bikes on board.

The big changes include fatter tire clearance, smaller wheel compatibility, and a wider base to accommodate longer bikes. Four models help it fit any car and hitch size, too…

kuat transfer V2 affordable premium bike rack can now hold wider tires

Küat Transfer v2 key upgrades:

  • More robust hitch design for enhanced stability in tow
  • Tamper-resistant hitch security
  • Semi-integrated bike cable lock system
  • Larger wheelbase with the capability to fit a bike up to 50″ in length
  • Holds wheel sizes from 18″ to 29″ (previously 20″ to 29″)
  • Holds tire widths up to 5″ with accessory strap, previously 4.5″ as well as better hook clearance for loading fat bikes
  • All 2″ options come with a flatlock cam for 2″, and the 1.25″ will be equipped with a ball cam
  • Automotive-grade 750-hour salt spray hardware
  • Available in Ballistic Black Power with Black Anodized accents
Kuat Transfer V2 hitch rack mounting hardware closeup
The Küat Transfer v2 adds a robust hitch design for enhanced stability in tow plus 750-hour salt spray hardware.

Küat Transfer V2 Sizes and Pricing

  • Transfer v2 1-bike – 1.25″ hitch w/ 2″ adapter – $249
  • Transfer v2 2-bike – 2″ hitch – $349
  • Transfer v2 2-bike – 1.25″ hitch w/ 2″ adapter -$349*
  • Transfer v2 3-bike – 2″ hitch  – $449
  • Transfer v2 1-bike Add-On – $129

*All except the v2 2-bike with 1.25″ hitch will accept the 1-bike add-on.

The Küat Transfer V2.0 will be available in stores and online in November 2020.



  1. This is a nice upgrade. I’ve been pleased with the value of my original model, but leaving it on my car for weeks at a time in Vermont winters is taking its toll. For a small increase over the V1, they’ve added several new or improved features. I think I know what I’ll be getting next spring.

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