Crankbrothers Multitools are now more capable than ever, with the addition of tubeless tire repair tools to the M13 and M20 M-tools. Both multitools have an integrated tire plug tool and a removable storage box filled with tire plugs. The new Crankbrothers M-Tools seem a great solution for the vast majority of trail side fixes. Here we look at the differences between the new M13 and M20 multitools.

As part of my packless set-up for racing enduro, I currently have my tire plug tool attached to the downtube of my frame, held on by electrical tape. While it’s not pretty, it does work. And, it means I don’t have to wear it about my person. I didn’t fancy impaling any of my vital organs…

tire plug tool taped to frame cannondale jekyll enduro bike fat tire plugs for car bikes
Prepared for the tire slashing rocks of the EWS in Zermatt, Switzerland

M20 & M13 Crankbrothers Multitools

The M13 and M20 multi-tools have an integrated tire plug tool, safely folded away so you don’t need to concern yourself with where to carry it. It stays with the rest of your tools – in your hip pack, riding pack, or if you ride packless, on a frame strap. 

crankbrothers m13 multitool with tubeless tire repair plug case
The M13 Crankbrothers Multitool with tubeless tire repair plugs and quick links stored in removable case

The tire plugs are neatly stored away in the removable plastic case – in here, they’ll stay dry and importantly, sticky. Each tool comes with five tubeless tire repair plugs, aka anchovies, aka slugs.

M20 M-Tool

m20 crankbrothers multi-tool chain breaker tubeless repair kit allen keys torx tools rotor straightener folded compact

The Crankbrothers M20 builds on the M19 M-Tool, adding the tubeless repair kit and swapping out some capabilities for others. Its new specialty tools include a valve core removal tool and a brake rotor straightener – both well thought through additions to the multi-tool.

crankbrothers multitool with tubeless repair rotor straightener valve core remover spoke keys allen wrench chain tool
The Crankbrothers M20 multitool measures in at 89mm and weighs a claimed 203g

On top of those tools, the M20 features a chain tool compatible with 8-12 speed chains, Philips #1, #2 and a flat head, T-10, T-25, spoke keys (#0, 1 & 2), an 8mm open wrench and a set of hex wrenches (Allen Keys); #2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm.

M13 M-Tool

m13 ctrankbrothers multitool hex wrenches torx tools tubeless plug tool

The Crankbrothers M13 M-Tool is their more svelte multi-tool, but is still well endowed with a good set of tools to cover your trail side fixes. It has all the hex wrenches, Torx tools, and Philips screwdrivers you see on the M20, plus the tubeless tire repair kit.

m13 crakbrothers multi-tool unfolded showing hex wrench torx tools philips screwdrivers
The M13 Multi-tool weighs a claimed 164g

Losing the spoke keys, chain tool, rotor straightener, valve core remover and 8mm wrench, the M13 is narrower and lighter. It’s just as long at 89mm, so the tools will offer the same leverage.

High tensile steel makes up the tool bits. The Crankbrothers M13 & M20 multitools come with a lifetime warranty. So, it could be the last one you ever buy.

Pricing & Availability

m20 crankbrothers multitools available in gold black red colorways

$25.99 gets you the M13 Crankbrothers multitool. Get the M20 with more functions for $39.99. Both are available in black, red and gold colorways now.


  1. Okay, this is cool. Crank Brothers makes some of the best usable multi-tools out there. Having a place to stash extra bacon strips and quick links is pretty fantastic. I’ll probably continue keeping a loaded strip inserter on the bike or hip pocket, but this is still great.

    It would be nice if that little storage thing could clip onto the current M17s that I have a couple of and could be purchased separately to do so.

  2. My daily carry is a M10! Love me some Crank Bros if only the Phillips was a JIS I would have probably the perfect tool!

    These all look quite awesome!

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