Spanish bikemaker BH’s new RS1 looks like a fully-integrated aero road bike, because that’s what it is, actually. But hidden beneath familiar race-oriented aero shaping is a new more relaxed, more upright endurance geometry designed to give the average road rider more comfort, without sacrificing on performance. Using much of the same tech as their top-tier G8 Disc road bike, the new RS1 is more ergonomic, much more affordable, and just as fast…

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike

BH calls the new RS1 the perfect blend of aerodynamics and ergonomics, combined to create the ideal road bike for a wider range of riders.

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, complete

all photos c. BH

Essentially keeping almost all of the light & high performance tech of their popular G8 Disc aero race bike, the RS1 simply ditches the semi-integrated seatmast and swaps in more comfortable, all-day endurance geometry.

RS1 aero endurance road bike geometry

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, geometry

What that essentially amounts to from a geometry perspective, it tweaking the same five size range of the G8 for a rider that doesn’t need to stretch out as much. (Size names shift from XS-XL on the G8 to S-XXL here for the RS1, while essentially leaving frame reach & head angles unchanged.) Across the new RS1 range, each frame gets about 3cm higher stack for a more comfortable upright fit, plus slightly steeper seat angles in the middle sizes to shorten the feel of the fit overall. Chainstay length grows between 10-16mm depending on size, but the RS1 retains a steep 73°-ish head angle for quick road race-like handling.

Aero Endurance Road – Tech details

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, frame detail

Much like the G8 Disc the new BH RS1 tucks every cable inside for fully internal routing thanks to the 1.5″ FSA ACR headset & cockpit system, allowing for separate or integrated bar & stem combos, and working with mechanical or electronic disc brake groupsets.

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, full internal cable routing

The monocoque construction of the RS1 also share BH’s top high-pressure Hollow Core Internal Moulding tech for consistent carbon compaction, high frame stiffness, and overall light weight.

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, frame detail

Frame tube shaping also shares similar aero-optimized Kamm tail profiles, plus thin dropped seatstays and a small bit of rear wheel cutout to the seattube. BH says that the RS1 even delivers the same low drag numbers as the more race-focused G8.

And there’s still room for 30mm tires for the ultimate comfort over varying road surfaces, although complete bikes get spec’d with 28s.

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, seatpost

Then new bike opts for a more conventional aero seatpost design, sharing the same aerodynamic shape as the upper extension on the G8, but here with a hidden wedge-style seatpost clamp in the small chamfer under the toptube. Two versions of the proprietary aero seatpost are available, with either 0 or 15mm offset.

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, BB386EVO

Along the lines of maintaining race-ready stiffness, the RS1 gets an oversized bottom bracket cluster with a pressfit BB386EVO BB, connected to tall & wide-set chainstays.

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, QR axles

The new aero endurance bike features flat mount disc brakes and 12mm thru-axles, with BH’s tidy QR Quick Levers that tuck inside the thru-axle when not in use.

BH RS1 – Pricing & options

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, 5.0

2021 BH RS1 5.0

The UCI-approved RS1 is available in five standard bike builds, sharing the same carbon frame, fork, seatpost & FSA ACR headset.

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, range

Pricing starts at 2600€ for the BH RS1 3.0 with a Shimano 105 group, FSA Gossamer cranks & Vision Team 35 alloy wheels. The 3.5 at 3200€ upgrades to Ultegra mechanical and Rotor Vegast cranks with the same wheels. The 4000€ BH RS1 4.0 goes Ultegra mechanical but with FSA SLK carbon cranks and house brand EVO 38 carbon wheels. For 4700€, the 4.5 upgrades to Ultegra Di2, but drops back to the alloy crankset & wheels. Then, a top-spec RS1 5.0 at 5500€ adds it all together – Ultegra Di2, FSA SLK carbon cranks, and EVO 38 carbon wheels.

BH Unique customization

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, BH Unique custom

BH Unique

Like other premium bikes in the BH line-up, the RS1 finish is also customizable in the BH Unique platform for the 4.5 & 5.0 models. It lets you pick from standard graphic layouts, then mix & match from more than 30 colors, and even get your name on the toptube for a truly unique bike that adds just 300€ to the standard price.

2021 BH RS1 carbon endurance aero road bike, climbing

All of the bikes, including custom paint are available to order now through your local BH dealer, with availability at the latest in November 2020.


    • Nick Hand on

      BH pulled all their bikes out of the US at the start of 2020. Kinda surprised they still run articles in the US when they arent here anymore. I used to do paint touch ups and carbon fiber repair for them.

      • Sajuuk on

        So, I emailed BH Europe at the end of June and this was their response:

        “ Hello,

        Thanks a lot for your kind words, this is very appreciated.
        Our decision of moving out from the US market does not respond exactly at the situation originated by the Covid-19. In fact, good news are that BH continues selling bikes in the US.
        We are just closing our sales subsidiary, same as we are doing with other offices worldwide, in order to centralise our business at the HQ in Spain. The development of the logistics permit this change, that will bring to our clients important advantages, such as the access to the complete product range, exactly the same that we commercialize in Europe.

        Now we are in a transition period, but we already have received the confirmation of many existing bike dealers willing to continue doing BH. So very likely you will be able to continue growing your experience with our brand, I hope in a very positive way.

        Regarding your comments about the next product evolution, in 2021 we will continue with the G8 in new colours.

        I hope things get better there and everywhere soon and the normality will bring us a better, bicycle-friendly world.

        Best regards,

        Jose Miguel”

        Seems like they’re moving to a centralized sales model, which makes sense for a small brand like BH. Might take a while though, but we’ll see. Otherwise I’m still really happy with my 2018 G7, 2015 Quartz, and 2008 G4!

  1. Morgan on

    As a current owner of a BH G6 and previously a G5, I have to admit that they lost a fair amount of credibility in my mind when they cut ties with Chris Cocalis/Pivot. Now their innovation seems stifled.

    • Nick Hand on

      Pivot was supposed to be the distributors of BH in the US and BH was not going to bring MTN bikes into the US so as to not compete with Pivot. However Pivot took suspension tech from BH and used it on their bikes so BH went ahead and brought their whole line in. Pivot had nothing to do with the designs of BH. This info was straight from a former CEO of BH North America

    • Sajuuk on

      Stifled innovation? The G7 was the -first- aero road bike optimized solely disc brakes, back in the early road disc days of 2015, and it’s a better bike than many of its higher priced competitors. The new G8 is even better, albeit only slightly. BH was also one of the first brands to build a frame using FSA’s ACR standard (alongside Bianchi and Wilier, I think) as well as continuing the superior BB386EVO bottom bracket standard alongside high-quality bottom bracket shells. Plus, the evolution of the Prisma/Quartz line into the RS1 has been innovation that has been quite interesting to follow.

      Granted, this current bike has more BMC vibes than the sloping, compact lines that BH is known for, they still make bikes that can compete with the best of them, at prices us mere mortals can afford, that won’t explode underneath someone who isn’t built like a jockey.

      They still need to work on their paint though: my G7 has so many chips and scrapes of the gloss lacquer, far more than the matte paint on my Quartz.

  2. Robin on

    It doesn’t seem this is available as just a frameset, or maybe I just didn’t look in the right place on their website. Can people in the US buy BH stuff, even if they don’t have a presence here anymore? This frame does suit the freakish short torso/long legs of my corporeal geometry.

    • Sajuuk on

      I don’t think they’re available yet in Europe. I don’t know if BH has finished their consolidation, but supposedly one can still buy their bikes according to an email correspondence I sent them at the end of June. If you’re interested, definitely give them an email: they may be able to work something out via your LBS. I wish you luck!

  3. Sajuuk on

    This is pretty cool: basically it replaces the Quartz line as their “aero endurance” model. Funny enough, I was actually blown away by how comfy my G7 is compared to my Quartz, even with 23mm tyres. Both have carbon bars, wheels, and seat posts, but my aero road bike is far more compliant than my endurance bike! Granted, it’s the weird transitional 2015 Quartz Disc model that still had QRs and post-mount brakes (and a seatstay boss for a rim brake), but still. The RS1 should be a pretty comfy ride, what with that Global Concept DNA, albeit not as stiff as the G7 probably.

    It’ll be interesting to see if they revamp/reboot the Ultralight series as well.

      • Sajuuk on

        Yeah, BH seems to be going all in on the ACR system, which is fine. Seems to be one of the better hidden cable systems. I’m just wondering whether or not they’ll keep the Ultralight’s 27.2mm seatpost. Honestly, I hope they do; I remember the backlash from Cannondale’s new SuperSix/CAAD, what with the proprietary seatposts and all. I feel like with the RS1’s aero post replacing the Quartz’s 27.2 seatpost, and the Global Concept series having proprietary aero posts since the beginning, losing a non-proprietary seatpost standard on the Ultralight would be sad. To me, the Ultralight is what the old SuperSixEvo was, except with a superior carbon layup, build, and a better BB standard.

        • Andi Song on

          I rented a BH G7 while in Majorca for four days, and I really enjoyed it. It was comfortable (or rather, I didn’t notice any discomfort) while still feeling racy and agile. I’ve looked at the G8 for a while–I like BH’s custom paint program (although I think Orbea has even more customizability).
          Is this RS1 essentially just a G8 with a little more stack and conventional seatpost?


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