The days of the super heavy dirt jump fork are long gone. Instead, thanks to Marzocchi’s rebirth at the hands of Fox, the Bomber DJ is back. Borrowing heavily from the longer travel Bomber Z1, the new DJ claims to be super stiff and impressively light.

Marzocchi Bomber DJ stanchion

All photos c. Marzocchi

Like the Z1, the DJ uses the same 36mm chassis – only stepped down to a fixed 100mm travel package.

Marzocchi Bomber DJ front

Built with a 37mm offset, the fork is still designed around 26″ wheels with a short crown height to keep the front end low.

Marzocchi Bomber DJ thru axle

Sold in 20 x 110 non-boost spacing, there are also adapters available for a 15 x 100mm thru axle.

Marzocchi Bomber DJ steerer tube Marzocchi Bomber DJ adjustments

Offered only with a 1.5″ tapered steerer, the EVOL air spring fork includes a GRIP damper to control the compression setting.

Marzocchi Bomber DJ colors

Offered in Gloss Red or Matte black, the fork has a claimed weight of just 2095g (4.6lb), which in the context of DJ forks, is pretty light. Priced at $699, the thru axle adapter is available for $60.


  1. SpaceRaccoon on

    20×110 is the old 20mm standard, while the new 20mm Boost standard is also 20×110 but is not the same as it compensates for hub flanges and disc mount being 5mm (I think) further outboard. The axle width fits the same but a Boost wheel may have clearance issues and the disc will be in the wrong place. I imagine Marz went with the older standard to accommodate the 26″ wheels, likely to be using older equipment.

  2. captain derp on

    no. there is an “old” non-boost 20×110 front hub standard (has been in use since the 90’s). this was the original hub standard for DH hubs. the flanges on boost 20mm hubs are farther apart and pushes the rotor mount closer to the fork lowers. Boost 20mm is a fairly recent standard, it came out in 2017 or 2018.

    non-boost 20×110 hubs can be fit into the boost 20mm forks by spacing the rotor out with rotor shims, although i think this only works on 6 bolt ISO hubs, i don’t think this works for centerlock hubs. boost 20mm hubs cannot be fit into non-boost 20mm forks.

  3. captain derp on

    spaceracoon – i’m fairly certain the lower casting was from an older gen Fox 36 that was re-used (now that Fox owns Marz, and because tooling/molds for fork castings is very expensive; it didn’t make sense to create all new tooling for something like a DJ fork that won’t have huge sales volume) which was created prior to the introduction of 20mm boost.

  4. SpaceRaccoon on

    Cap’n Derp: The arch is the new Marzocchi one, so it’s likely a new casting. That would have a been a good way for them to save a few bucks though!

  5. captain derp on

    spaceracoon – the lowers on the new Marz Z1 are 15mm boost and use a QR style thru axle (this DJ uses pinch bolts) so this can’t be the same; plus the arch on that is the more pronounced “M”. the closer i look at it, the more i’m certain it’s the same lowers Fox used on the 36 from 2015 through 2017. it uses the same 20mm to 15mm axle adapter sleeves and the placement of the brake hose guide is identical. the dropouts (pinch bolt style) are identical too (the new Marz Z1 lowers do not use pinch bolts). the contours on the arch are the same. i remember joking at the time because this pseudo M arch was released on the 2015 36 not long before the announcement that Fox acquired Marzocchi’s mtb division. should note here i still have a 2015 Fox 36 with these lowers.


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