Anyone who’s ever built a pump track before knows that there’s usually a lot of trial and error involved. Figuring out how to properly lay out the track, and shape the individual rollers and berms can be a challenging and time consuming process. Easy Pumptracks is hoping to change that.

perfect pump track with cardboard forms from Easy Pumptracks

Instead of using heavy equipment to try and shape the dirt into something usable, Easy Pumptracks is letting cardboard do the work. Yes, cardboard. Apparently made from a special type of eco-friendly cardboard that is completely biodegradable, the cardboard forms are shipped in the form of pre-cut 120x175cm sheets.

perfect pump track with cardboard forms from Easy Pumptracks

After punching out the individual pieces, they fit together in a grid pattern that holds its shape.

perfect pump track with cardboard forms from Easy Pumptracks

From there, you simply lay out the forms to create your pumptrack, and then fill it up with dirt. The pumptrack will still require some shaping once the dirt is filled over top of the forms, but it should require far less work than building one from scratch.

perfect pump track with cardboard forms from Easy Pumptracks

The design also allows the pumptrack construction to be modular with turns, transitions, and roller sections to choose from. Currently, Easy Pumptracks offers two options – you can either buy the specific modules and build it yourself, or they offer a full package including transport, assembly, dirt fill, and shaping.

For now, there is no word of pricing or availability, but it seems like it might be limited to their home country of Italy… for now.


  1. None Given on

    Dont show those to my local MTN bike club, they will find 1000 reasons why it is terrible and irresponsible…Wow, those however are a great idea. .

  2. Tom on

    interesting idea – great for people who want a pump track, but don’t know how to build one. Question, how big is this customer group? I wonder if many of the people building pump tracks actually like the experimentation, the trial and error of building something new, then making it work. In any case, I hope these guys hit it out of the park.

  3. Paul on

    ‘what if, raining?’

    The cardboard is only used for the initial construction, it will then rot away with the dirt still in place

  4. Danny L Pratt on

    This is absilute genius. My cousin is with pratt industries (big cardboard company) I wonder if I could get hit to make a knock off for free…. That price is high for cardboard.

    I totally get the cad work is what you are paying for, but I would do my own in solidworks or something like that.

    Stay tuned


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