Developed to round out their aero carbon wheel line-up, Fulcrum goes deep with new Wind 75 DB aero triathlon wheels. The Wind family debuted last year with more affordable aero carbon options that catered to triathletes. But limited to just 40mm & 55mm depths, lots of drag-reducing potential was being left on the table. Now, the Wind 75 becomes the deepest wheel Fulcrum offers in any family, growing to 75mm deep with a wide tubeless carbon rim profile to take you faster than ever…

Fulcrum Wind 75 DB deep aero carbon triathlon wheels

Fulcrum says the new wide & deep Wind 75 completes the Wind range, offering the best aerodynamic efficiency of any of their wheels.

Fulcrum Wind 75 DB deep aero carbon triathlon wheels, Pinarello Bolide TTR
c. Fulcrum, detail photos by Luigi Sestili

Whether for triathlon or time trial racing, the high profile Wind 75 delivers a fast ride, proven in the GST wind tunnel, but at a fraction of the price of Fulcrum’s lighter Speed wheel family.

Fulcrum Wind 75 DB deep aero carbon triathlon wheels, GST wind tunnel

The toughest part of designing a rim of this depth is trying to minimize the side force effects of crosswinds, to maintain reliable and manageable handling. Fulcrum says their development time in the wind tunnel led to the all-new wide profile, ensuring the new wheel’s stability.

Fulcrum Wind 75 DB deep aero carbon triathlon wheels, Tech talk

Fulcrum explained their Wind wheel line-up to us as making top-level aerodynamics more accessible, especially to the amateur tri & TT racing crowd who balk at the idea of buying a 2000€ wheelset. At a price-level 40% lower than their Speed wheels (which don’t even include a rim this deep), a cyclist gets a more modern wide carbon rim with the easiest tubeless setup possible thanks to borrowed tech from sister brand Campagnolo.

Fulcrum Wind 75 DB deep aero carbon triathlon wheels, rear wheel

That means a 19mm inner width to fit wider modern fast, low rolling resistance tires, and a 27mm outer width for maximal aero performance optimized around a 25mm tire. Plus, 2-Way fit tubeless means a continuous carbon rim bed with bead-locking shoulders and without spoke holes, so you don’t even need tubeless rim tape. And in our experience, many tubeless tires snap into place with just a standard floor pump.

Tech details

Fulcrum Wind 75 DB deep aero carbon triathlon wheels, rim detail

The new 1820g Fulcrum Wind 75 DB wheelset features full-carbon UD rims, with a 3K weave rim bed. They are disc brake-only with centerlock/AFS brake mounting, 12mm thru-axles, and are available with Shimano 11, SRAM XDR or Campagnolo N3W freehub bodies with fast 10°, 36 tooth engagement.

Fulcrum Wind 75 DB deep aero carbon triathlon wheels, hubs

The Wind 75 wheels use straight-pull alloy hubs with sealed cartridge bearings and 24 conventional round double-butted spokes laced 2:1 for balanced tension with alloy spokes, front & rear.

Fulcrum Wind 75 DB – Pricing & availability

Fulcrum Wind 75 DB deep aero carbon triathlon wheels, wheelset

The new deep carbon Fulcrum Wind 75 wheelset sells for $1479 / 1271€ with a Shimano freehub, or  $1489 / 1281€ for XDR. Campy freehubs are only available separately.

Fulcrum Wind 75 DB deep aero carbon triathlon wheels, 75mm 55mm pair

Fulcrum has not share separate wheel pricing, but has made it clear that the 75mm deep rear wheel will be sold on its own as well, so riders can combine it with a mid-depth Wind 55 front wheel for more windy race conditions.

The new deep triathlon & time trail wheels are available now globally.

Fulcrum Wind 75 DB deep aero carbon triathlon wheels


  1. I have had a pair of Campy Vento aluminium rimmed aero wheels with 20 spokes – never had any issues. I now have a set of Campy Zonda shallow Al rimmed disc wheels with 21 spokes – no issues so far. So why does this wheelset need 24 spokes churning through the air (along with extra long valve stem)?

    Also, for side-wind stability, isn’t the fork design also important?

  2. I was recently considering a pair of Fulcrum Racing 3 DB wheels and kept coming across articles stating that 2 Way Fit wheels are only compatible with Schwalbe tubeless tyres. This limitation stopped me buying them. I noticed that the photos here show Pirellis. What’s the score now?

    • @Treve 2-Way Fit wheels are officially (& universally/generically) tubeless compatible. I personally have used them successfully with road & gravel tubeless tires from at least: Challenge, Pirelli, Schwalbe, Tufo & WTB… probably some others that don’t pop into my head.

  3. 1.8 kg is slightly on the heavy side but reflected in the price. but then compared to campy bullet 80or fulcrum wind XLR back in the days, these are quite impressively light.

  4. Compared to the greatest wheel ever (Shamal HPW 12) they are very light….but, as we know from this thing called “Science”, the weight of the wheel (specifically aero wheels) is more about the moment of inertia than it is alterations in speed….IF someone could get a 100lbs wheel “to speed” and keep it there, well, there would be some world records broken in a hurry.

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