Got any burning questions about gravel bike set up? Want to know more about the different gravel bar options? Trying to figure out the right cockpit set up for your own gravel or adventure bike? Now is your chance to ask the industry experts at Ritchey Logic.

new ergonomic alloy Ritchey WCS Streem drop road bike handlebar for road and gravel bikes
How does a gravel bar differ from a tradition road drop bar?

Ask Ritchey Anything!

How flared is too flared? Do those ergonomic drops sacrifice grip and control? Will an alloy bar ever be as comfortable as carbon?

ask ritchey anything about gravel bar setup wcs beacon

Don’t be afraid to get specific with this one! Let us know what bike you’re riding, your local terrain, and any problems you have with your current set up. Great advice from the guys at Ritchey is coming this Friday. Submit your questions here and we’ll report back with the answers.


  1. I get why the drops are flared, but not why the hoods have to be splayed at 30-45° which is unridable for me due to wrist strain?

    Why can’t you make a flared drop bar that only angles out below where the brifters clamp, similar to the 3T Superghiaia, Enve SES AR or Zipp XPLR?

  2. Can you please explain the point of flared drop bars. I can see that wider bars give more control, but a lot of people ride on the hoods in technical terrain because they feel that the higher position gives more control. Such people should therefore use drop bars that are wider at the hoods, not just the drops. The drops should be used in situations where aerodynamics are more important, so I don’t know why anyone would want the drops to be any wider than the hoods. For me, gravel bars should just be a wider version of standard road bars. Personally, I use 40cm wide Ritchey EvoCurve bars on my road bike and the same bar in the 42cm width on my gravel bike and I can’t see any need to go wider, but if I did then I would still want the hoods to be as wide as the drops. Are flared bars just a way to make things look different and make people think that they need to buy something that they don’t need? I hope you can solve this mystery for me, thanks.

  3. This is more of a request than a question: In the specifications of your bars, you already state which bars are clip-on aerobar compatible, but it would be very useful to know the width of the area in the center of the bars that has a round, 31.8 mm diameter for mounting the clip-ons and other accessories. Using different stem, bar and other accessories means that a certain setup might work on one bar but not on another, but this information is never listed in the specifications.

  4. Not a question per se but would love to see a Ritchey option for multiple position alt bars like Surly Moloko, Velo Orange Crazy Bars and Koga Denham. Maybe something in the carbon fibers and luminum for different options. The Koyote is neat but a little too much sweep and no forward/aero bar esque position

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