There’s no denying that Harley-Davidson’s core audience has been aging out. And the motorcycle market has seen swings in styles similar to cycling. Gone are the days of choppers, say hello to scramblers. Just like how we said goodbye to 26″ wheels and now mostly ride 29ers, the times they are a changing…

Serial1 Chain Crank

photo c. Serial1

While still appealing to motorcyclists who want a cruiser setup, Harley-Davidson has been actively branching out. We’ve seen it in their electric powered balance bikes, e-scooter and mountain bike concepts and now… e-bikes.

Yep, e-Bikes!

Announced today, Serial 1 Cycling Company is the new Harley-Davidson subsidiary developed specifically for the e-bike market. We’re not given many details about the new offering, just a countdown to November 16th when presumably we’ll see the unveiling of a full line of e-bikes. We also know that the bike(s) being revealed will be hitting retailers in the spring of 2021.

Serial1 Rear Axle

Being a division of Harley-Davidson it’s only natural to see parallels between Serial 1 and its parent. For instance, the name Serial 1 was given in reference to a nickname of Harley-Davidson’s oldest known motorcycle. And just like their parent company, Serial 1 aims to be a leader of innovation and performance in the e-bike world.

Why is Harley-Davidson launching e-Bikes?

Serial 1 Fork

Discussing the motivation for Harley-Davidson’s branching into e-bikes, Brand Director Aaron Frank explains, “When Harley-Davidson first put power to two wheels in 1903, it changed how the world moved, forever.”

“Inspired by the entrepreneurial vision of Harley-Davidson’s founders, we hope to once again change how cyclists and the cycling-curious move around their world with a Serial 1 eBicycle.”

Serial 1 Top Tube Head Tube

Further leading to the decision to enter the e-bike market is the massive growth the segment has seen in recent years. The e-bike market was estimated at $15 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow more than 6% through 2025. It didn’t hurt that a group of motorbike and cycling enthusiasts at Harley-Davidson’s R&D facility had a vision of the brand one day making e-bikes. Stay tuned as we watch the countdown and release of all the new bikes!


  1. Crash Bandicoot on

    This company will be non-existent in 25 years. They have systematically destroyed their one chance at appealing to wealthier younger buyers (Buell), pulled out of their licensing deal India (largest motorcycle market in the world), their dealerships are the epitome of what everyone hates about dealerships, their only market is obese people who will be dead in 20 years those people aren’t buying e bikes they’re buying motorized scooters and golf carts.

  2. Mark on

    This bike is really cool, (although I am not too old or fat) but I have to agree, Harley is not doing a good job on their products for the next generations of buyers, launch after launch they are just getting out of the market in a fast pace.

  3. Slacker on

    Typical HD. High price, inconsiderate ergonomics, lackluster lights. But they claim to become a leader in e bike tech, oooo, I can’t wait.

  4. ap on

    Not disagreeing with the other comments, but to be fair, there are some interesting, and kinda cool, design elements to this (chrome tips on forks, nickel finish on cranks, clean brake hose routing, retro styling and colors, etc.). I know they are largely cosmetic, but if this wasn’t a Harley, I suspect people wouldn’t have such a strong adverse reaction. I know I wouldn’t. I hate Harley motos and the cookie cutter outfits the “rebels” wear…they are the ultimate conformist horde.

  5. Joenomad on

    Apparently my comment about only overweight HD baby boomers are going to buy and will need beefier wheels didn’t go over very well. HD stocks and sales have shown they are out of touch with generations younger than the boomers.

  6. Robin on

    ” And just like their parent company, Serial 1 aims to be a leader of innovation and performance in the e-bike world.”

    What? HD is a leader of innovation and performance? When did that happen?

  7. Chet Ironhorse on

    Wow there is some real disdain for Harley Davidson here….. I happen to like the bike and HD in general … they make some pretty cool stuff and I am not fat or old. Perhaps we embrace an American company like HD in this market and work to push out the copious amounts of domestic Chinese garbage that is currently flooding the market?

    • Gerald on

      Chet. I have a good friend that has been riding HD for 45 years, long before the good boy/good girl, gotta look bad, overweight and obnoxious black and orange clothing. My thinking was that a big lot of them should be investing in pedal powered wheels.
      This morning, cold and early on my road bike hitting the rural country roads, I could see a Harley coming up the road and he had to dress warm as it was +4C, under cloudy skies, when he gave me the Harley wave you give to other Harley riders. I appreciated that.
      At my favorite coffee spot out on the road it is often shared by motorcyclist and bicyclist, and its always nice to engage in conversation.

  8. Wade on

    Ok – What’s everyone’s guess on the price? I agree with both types of posters here – HD does not got a great rep among the young – but this bike does look clean and kinda retro. Price, range, function, etc will help many decide. Price?

    • Dillon on

      Integrated lights, belt drive, and an HD pricing model…. For a normal brand I would hope around 2400. But phhhh HD behind it…. I can’t imagine it goes over 3k…. Guess we’ll have to see a component sheet

  9. Michel Potvin on

    All the hatred in the comments from people who dont even own one of their product. Dont like dont buy it. Simple enough. Its like trying to budget your neighbours money. Makes about as much sense.

  10. Marcel SJ Rossignol on

    Nice bike for electric. Now how about a 2in piston engine with a t-88 trans that is neutral and gear on. 1/2gal backbone tanks.Gear drive to gear.

  11. serrico on

    harley as a brand is so synonymous with poor quality that there’s no way to look at this project positively. the godforsaken ellsworth e-bike will be better received by the cycling community, just because it isn’t a harley.

    that said, there are two actual features on this bike:

    -nickel belt drive components look great!

    -WHY AREN’T MORE BRAKE MASTER CYLINDERS ROUTED LIKE THESE?!?! brake hoses that exit the lever parallel to the handlebar would solve fit issues for sooooo many handlebar/rack bags. they would also make cockpits in general look more appealing. i refuse to believe engineers have been incapable of figuring this out previously.

  12. Smokestack on

    Ride a Livewire yet? It’s a moto that makes me consider a HD for the first time in my life. Granted, I would need a few more duckets in the pocketbook to afford it, but it handles impressively well.

  13. Tom on

    Man, a lot of umbrage on this thread. I really hope they successfully pivot to a product line that has growth potential, there is a long history to this company that is good and bad. But they are still an American company, so I’m rooting for them. With regards to who rides then, I’ve never had a problem with one of them. Pick-up trucks, on the other hand…


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