The annual custom automobile show, SEMA, was held as a virtual show this year, but that didn’t stop the mods and concepts from rolling large. SEMA, which stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association, is the showcase for outlandish builds that feature upcoming parts and customizations from hundreds of accessory companies.

Here are a few of the best offroad and overland vehicles and parts we found from this year’s show (and outside the show). Any of them would make it easier to get out to distant riding spots, gravel roads, and mountain bike trails, with creature comforts to turn those rides into overnight adventures.

Toyota Tacoma 4WD Overland-Ready Pickup Truck

toyota tacoma overland vehicle concept from sema 2020
Tacoma concept photos via Toyota USA.

Built on Toyota’s mid-sized pickup, this real-life build was a partnership with 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine with a lot of 3rd party parts. Starting with a TRD Offroad-tuned Tacoma 4-door, it gets a Magnuson Supercharger, Toytec lift kit, Method wheels with BF Goodrich tires, Comeup winch, Rigid lights and more to increase it’s performance on and off the road.

Roof racks and bigger bumpers hold accessories from MaxTrax, Rotopax, HiLift Jacks, and more to rescue you if you take things a bit too far. Although, if you can get yourself out, we’d say it’s exactly far enough.

asdfasdf (via Overland Expo)

Taking a cue from Overland Expo, Toyota’s TRD division started working on an off-road capable camper trailer system built on a Tacoma truck bed, too. (Video above, not sure why they used a Supra in the thumbnail…) Honestly, we doubt this’ll ever see the light of day at your local dealership, but it’s always fun to see where things can go with a “sky’s the limit” budget and mindset.

Earth Cruiser Terranova Camper Shell


earth cruiser terranova truck bed camper shell for full size offroad trucks
Images via Earth Cruiser.

The new EC Terranova camper is shown as a concept rendering, but it’ll be a real product early 2021. Designed as a lighter, slightly smaller version of it’s fully-enclosed (and very expensive) cabins for full size trucks, the Terranova uses a fiberglass and composite shell to save weight. That leaves your truck’s horsepower and torque available for towing bigger things, or just getting you a bit better gas mileage.

The shell is made with marine-grade materials tough enough to stand up to the trail and the elements. It mounts to the truck with their kinetic system that allows it to move with your chassis’ flex, keeping it structurally sound even when crawling rocks through the desert.

earth cruiser terranova truck bed camper shell for full size offroad trucks

Inside, you’ll find a decent sized bed sitting over the truck’s cab (which is why you’ll want the full-size 4-door trucks), saving the rest of the cabin for living space, kitchen area with stainless steel sink & fridge, solid counter top, dinette with hidden storage, and full size bathroom with shower.

The sink and shower system uses a closed circuit gray water recycling loop that triple filters (with UV light and mechanical filtration) the water. This helps it waste less water and keep the hot water hotter with less electricity since it’s reused during your shower. Don’t worry, the “black water” isn’t in that loop as the toilet is a cassette toilet that stows out of the way when not in use.

earth cruiser terranova truck bed camper shell for full size offroad trucks

There’s also an exterior hot/cold shower and purified drinking water spigot on the outside of the shell. Made for the 2020+ Ford F350 Dodge RAM 3500, and Chevy Silverado 3500 full size trucks, they’re taking pre-orders now for 2021 delivery. Price? Well, if you have to ask…

BradBuilds BMW M4 camper concept

concept rendering of a BMW m4 with integrated camper shell from brad builds
Image via BradBuilds.

This mashup comes from artist and car builder BradBuilds, who posts his incredible renderings on Instagram. This camper-equipped BMW M4 concept has solar panels, kitchenette, and room for one…and maybe a dog.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by BradBuilds (@bradbuilds) on

Combine that with a lift kit and oversized tires and you’d be able to rally to remote trailheads like never before. If only it were real… (via AutoEvolution)

Backwoods Adventure Mods Sprinter Roof Rack

backwoods adventure mods heavy duty roof rack for sprinter vans shown with side ladder
BAM’s XL roof rack shown on an extended length Sprinter van. Photos via Backwoods Adventure Mods.

New for Mercedes Sprinter vans are the Backwoods Adventure Mods roof racks. It’s a lightweight, modular design that ships in pieces to make it easier to receive and install. And it comes in two versions, XL and Slim.

backwoods adventure mods heavy duty roof rack for sprinter vans shown with dual front light bar

The difference between the two is the front section, with the XL offering integrated light mounting positions on the front. This design sets it apart from others that allow more of a gap, which can let air slide under the rack and get trapped. It’ll fit two 50” double-row LED bars or six 5”x7” LED lights.

The slim version is the same rack, but with a sleeker front section with a cutout for a single row 50” LED light bar. The rack system bolts directly to the OEM roof rails instead of relying on mounting feet, giving it a much more stable, secure platform.

backwoods adventure mods heavy duty roof rack for sprinter vans shown with side ladder

Racks are ordered to match your vehicle, with specific cutouts for your fan or AC setup. Other than those cutouts, the surface is totally decked with perforated aluminum. Not only does this make a solid deck to walk on, but you can also utilize the holes for mounting accessories like solar panels and cargo boxes. Their matching side ladder adds easy access to whatever you put up there.

backwoods adventure mods heavy duty roof rack for sprinter vans shown with side ladder
BAM Slim roof rack shown on short wheelbase Sprinter van.

Right now, they’re for Sprinters only, but they say Ford Transit and Dodge Ram Promaster roof racks are in the works. As of this post, they’re sold out with a 3-5 week lead time. Prices range from $3,798 to $4,650. Ladder is $719.

Want more? Check out our recent posts on VanDOit and Jeep/Mopar, too!


  1. What would be really cool (all those vehicles are pretty cool) would be vehicles that are functional for the working class. All of those are crazy expensive. Not everyone can be a dentist. Lord knows im living paycheck to paycheck. The Honda Element was a prime example of what the cycling world needed. Too bad those are long gone.

    • Great point on the Honda Element. I still see them at trailheads and owners absolutely love them. I know because we own one! Such a fantastic vehicle. My wife is going to be really bummed if this car ever dies.

    • (to second Shafty’s comment): Get a used Transit Connect. The wagon LWB version has seating for 7, the back seats fold flat, and they can be had for pretty cheap. I got my 2014 Titanium with leather interior and all the options I could want for $12k. I’ve fit 5 bikes, two people, luggage, pop-up tent, cooler, and spares for a big race weekend. You can get the commercial ones with the back end stripped out for much cheaper even. Then go online for inspiration on how to outfit and customize them yourself. Of course they’re going to have unobtainable high-end stuff at SEMA, but use this stuff to inspire you not discourage you.

    • The official vehicle of semi-pro racers was the Jetta Wagon, diesel.
      By the Velominati Rules, said vehicle must used, and cost less than the
      bike on the roof. Extra points for peeling clear coat.

  2. Attn: Winnebago!
    Please make a modern version of the Toyota based Chinook Pop-top camper.
    Stick it on a 4wd Tacoma. The Chinook was the best camper ever designed for the weekend warrior. If you can keep it under $60k it will sell like hotcakes.
    Do it immediately, if not sooner.

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