Like Kleenex is to tissues, Stan’s has become nearly synonymous with tire sealant. For decades now, Stan’s has been helping riders make the leap to tubeless tires – before tubeless ready was even a thing. Their place in the bicycle world is now steadfast, so Stan’s is looking to other markets as well.

Stans outdoor equipment tire sealant

According to the company, many people have already been using the tire sealant in off-road and outdoor equipment, so they’re making it official. Stan’s tire sealant is now recommended for your wheel barrow, handtruck, golf cart, lawnmower, tractor, four wheeler, side by side, and more. Obviously, the larger volume tires mean more sealant will be needed. That means using anywhere from 4oz to 16oz for the big tires.

stans schrader valve tool

And since you won’t find any presta valves on those pieces of equipment, Stan’s has a new schrader valve core removal tool with storage for spare valves and a special applicator for injecting sealant through schrader valves.

It doesn’t appear that this sealant uses a different formula than their bike sealant, but we’ve reached out to confirm. It will be available in pint (16oz, $17), and quart (32oz, $28) sized bottles with availability TBD.


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