The Speedsleev OTF (Off The Front) saddle pack claims to be the first and only saddle pack made specifically for tubeless setups. Traditional saddle packs designed to house tubes might be too big when all you really need to carry is a couple of CO2 cartridges, inflator head, some anchovies and a tire lever. 

speedsleev otf saddle pack road gravel tubeless repair carry

The OTF saddle pack is of a super minimalist, lightweight design, housing everything you need to get inflated and rolling again. Fed up of a rattling saddle pack? This could be just the thing for your road, gravel or mountain tubeless setup.

Speedsleev OTF tubeless-specific saddle pack

speedsleev otf tubeless repair saddle pack road gravel mtb

Speedsleev showcase the new OTF saddle pack accommodating a tire lever, two CO2 cartridges, an inflator head and a Dynaplug tubeless repair kit. As you can see, it’s a tight fit, but that’s a key design feature which will make sure the contents of the pack don’t rattle around.

speedsleev otf gravel saddle pack carries tubeless repair kit waterproof

The Speedsleev OTF has a waterproof ballistic nylon shell with organized tight interior pockets. The ultra-narrow profile design tucks the OTF pack tightly up and out of the way, free and clear of your legs. A reflective logo imprint on the strap adds visibility as the sun goes down.

speedsleev otf saddle pack carries lightweight 700c road tube tire lever co2 inflator head

OK, OK. So maybe tubes aren’t dead… yet. If you are still running tubes on your road bike, an ultra light/slim 700c 23-25 road tube will fit in place of a plug kit, so get creative with your minimalist load-out! Perhaps a Tubolito or Schwalbe’s new Aerothan tubes?

low profile windproof cycling gloves from Handske
The Speedsleev Ranger Compression saddle pack is the next size up

If you’re looking for something you can squeeze a couple more items into – phone & keys, for example, you might want to check out Speedsleev’s Ranger compression saddle packs instead. 

New Colorways for Speedsleev Diego Handlebar Bag

speedsleev diego green handlebar bag gravel bikes

In other Speedsleev news, the Diego bag is now available in Carbon, Green, Orange and Red colorways, in addition to the standard Black. This handlebar bag for road and gravel bikes is available in two sizes. The small 76 cu. in bag will set you back $35 while the large 157 cu. in. Diego is priced at $55.

Pricing & Availability

The Speedsleev OTF tubeless-specific saddle pack is available now for $35. Get it at the reduced price of $25 with the discount code OFFTHEFRONT for a limited time only. Expected delivery for the US is mid-December.


  1. Ok… Maybe I’m dumb, but can somebody help me out with why one would carry a tire lever but NOT a tube? It’s bugging me more than it should.

    In my experience, I’ve had multiple tire punctures that required a boot and a tube to get home, so I always have a tube stashed someplace on my bikes–I’m sure others may differ, but its cheap insurance for my peace of mind.

  2. Highly recommended product. I don’t have this particular Speedsleev but I do have three of the road and mtb saddle packs and I am very happy with them. They provide ample room for the things I need and hold them securely, plus it’s a cinch to install. Lastly, I ordered one of the matte black mtb bags and was not happy with the stiffer fabric, the owner called me and sent me a replacement for free.

  3. I’ve gone back to tubes on my MTB with ZERO issues and will never use tubes for road for so many reasons. I really hope tubes don’t die. Current tubeless is so messy, difficult to set up. So prone to messy problems and cuts that can’t be filled etc, just not worth it. I think/hope tubes continue to develop and improve as a technology as they seem to be so practical still.

  4. “… because tubes are dead!”

    This development will be surpassed next year by a service called TuBr. TuBr subscribers will be provided with a former Grand Tour mechanic and a champion rally car driver. TuBr subscribers will be able to ride their Spectacalized e-Airthos bikes unencumbered by tools, spares, extra clothing, nutrition, etc. Even bike mounted data collection will be superfluous since TuBr motorcade will project the rider’s data on the rear of their lead vehicle. Subscribers must provide their own 0.25M$ lifted Sprinter Van conversions. ……”Because all cyclists are billionaire dentists.”

    I went to the site. They have some nice bar rolls and some other stuff I like.

  5. I love tubeless and I love Speedsleev products, but nah… I’m carrying a tube. If not for me, then for friends in a pinch. Their Ranger series are outstanding and hold quite a bit while still being secure and rattle-free. And they’re pretty compact. Not carrying a tube sounds like tempting fate.

  6. I have at least 4 speedsleeve bags of various sizes but since I also carry a small multi tool in addition to a tube which I don’t want want to stick in my pocket this doesn’t seem to work for me.

  7. I purchased an expensive done that I use to carry my spare tube and CO2 for me. It is really nice because it will follow the signal on my cell phone in my pocket, has a run time of about 2 hours, and flies about 20 feet above and behind me. I find it nice to be able to go to the Tuesday night hammer ride and not be weighed down with the seat pack. It is a really nice set up for those special rides.

  8. Picture this…you’re on a small group ride and someone flats. Everyone pulls over and waits for him to change his flat. He opens his saddle bag and hands you a tin of anchovies so you can have a snack while he tries to figure out why the sealant is just spewing all over the place and not sealing the hole. He then calls for a ride because he doesn’t have a spare tube. You intervene between bites of anchovy and hand him a tube and your frame pump because you’re a normal roadie who knows how to pack for a group ride. Is that how that works?

  9. This strikes me as the manufacturer or we messed up with the sizing of our bag and see if we can still sell this to cyclists. I can hear the meeting now…

  10. Even tubeless riders need to carry tubes. A few weeks ago I got a flat and the bead seal with the rim broke. I had no choice but put in a tube. No way a mini pump is going to reseat a tire. And what if your tire needs a boot? There again, you have to break the seal. Also, Stans will congeal if inflated with CO2. Why doesn’t Speedsleev know this? Do they even ride tubeless?

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