Biktrix have released what they claim to be the ultimate range ebike. The Biktrix Juggernaut HD Duo is a fat tire ebike with a 1500W mid-drive motor from Bafang. With a 17.5Ah downtube-integrated battery paired with a 21.5Ah externally-mounted battery the HD Duo ebike claims a range of 95 miles (150km). Just don’t try and lift it over a fence…

Biktrix Juggernaut HD Duo long range ebike

Ninety-five miles is the longest range you’ll get out of the Biktrix Juggernaut HD Duo ebike. Chances are though, you won’t need to go that far in a single trip. You can run the HD Duo with its single downtube-integrated battery for a 45 mile range, add a 14.5Ah battery for a 75 mile range, or add another 17.5Ah battery for an estimated 90 mile range.

biktrix juggernaut hd duro off road fat ebike blue

The Biktrix Juggernaut HD Duo runs a 1500W mid-drive Bafang BBSHD motor boasting 160Nm torque. It drives 9 or 10 speed Shimano gearing, depending on which model you opt for. An LCD Display on the bar gives the rider info on speed, pedal assist level, battery status and time – you can change the pedal assist level from the bar-mounted remote.biktrix juggernaut hd duo long range ebike up to 95 miles 35 mph bafang motor mid drive

Its top speed is a claimed 35 MPH. That’s simply not legal in most places. So, it can be restricted to 20 MPH or 28 MPH for street legal use, or the motor can be limited to 750W.

26″ Fat or 27.5″ Plus

This fat ebike comes with 26″ x 4.8″ tires from Vee, though Biktrix can also sell you Vee’s 26″ x 4″ tires, or 27.5″ x 3″ mountain bike tires from Kenda. The HD Duo runs a short travel air fork. An RST Guide fork is the standard though you can upgrade to a Biktrix DNM fork or an inverted suspension fork from Wren. 

bafang middrive motor 1500w ebike fat bike long range

Rounding the bike off as commuter friendly is a set of racks and fenders, plus an integrated front light. The stock light offers just 100 lumens but you can upgrade to their 2000 lumen Armageddon light if you so wish.

biktrix juggernaut hd duo spec

The Biktrix Juggernaut HD Duo is a hell of a lot of bike to slow down, so you’ll be wanting great stoppers. It comes with 2-piston Tektro E-350 hydraulic disc brakes running 180mm rotors. That said, you can upgrade to a 4-piston option from Tektro or Magura (probably advisable).

Pricing & Availability

Claim your Biktrix Juggernaut HD Duo fat ebike on Indiegogo now, with shipping expected in March 2021. Only at the end of the campaign (11th Dec) will you be able to choose the frame size, wheel size and color. Get it in a step-though or step-over frame style in Blue, Camo, Satin Black or Reptilian colorway.

biktrix juggernaut long range ebike fat tires

The long range configuration, the Biktrix Juggernaut HD Duo 1500W with torque sensor, will set you back $2,999.


  1. nooner on

    That’s not a Class1 street legal bike, that’s for sure….
    Biktrix? How long have they been around??
    New ebike companies are popping up like mushrooms these days..
    Track record? Warranty support? I didn’t think so…

    • Phil on

      At least a couple of years which is like 10 in ebike company years. They’re canadian out of saskatoon, saskatchewan. Their bikes get good reviews. Not a fan of indigogo but they have a lot of models you can buy now. Also one with same motor I think available in December.

  2. Roshan Thomas on

    Great thing with our bikes is that they can be set to be class 1, 2, or 3 as needed by the rider.
    We’ve been around since 2013 and sold 10s of 1000s of bikes. Our warranty and customer service is amazing. You can look that up on Google or on our Facebook Owners Group with 4k+ members.

    Track record: 2014 – first company to have a 750W mid drive ebike to the market. 2020 – 15k+ bikes sold across the globe.

    Here is our 7th anniversary video:

    – Roshan from Biktrix

  3. John F Bramfeld on

    It sounds promising, but probably too heavy. It’s a continuing frustration to me that reviewers won’t mention the weight. From personal use I’ve concluded that 4″ tires are overkill. 3 inch seems about right. In j

  4. Ape Escape on

    Wow Bikerumor…..this is pretty low. Had bikes like this come through the shop enough that we refuse service on them. Poorly built, poor/unsafe spec. I pity the person who buys one.

  5. Richard Goddard on

    Been a while rider since 2010. Both company’s I bought bike from went out of business or “who knows?” Still waiting for brake pads. Have bought 4 bikes. Now pandemic effects everything on top of everything else. The only bike shop in Port Huron, Mi., Is just now getting in to ebikes. Nothing is dependable regarding ebikes in USA. LOOK AT PRODECO TECHNOLOGY. Loved that company….then gone “with no notice.” They were the BEST!!!!! Now I cannot find parts. Now I may need to buy ANOTHER E-bike????? I’m 70 years old. Phantom X3.

  6. Rod on

    I bought a Juggernaut Ultra HD in August. Yes it is heavy at ~70 lbs with battery. But I live in an area of the PNW with lots of hills. The Ultra powers right up them. I’m 67 years old, kind of heavy and had not been on a bike in years. Love riding this bike. Get 30 miles actual range. Keep it at max 20 mph for class 2 Street legal. Will upgrade to the Duo eventually because it’s so much fun to get out and just ride.

  7. dartmouth11 on

    if you have never been on a bike and are getting into ebike, you have no clue how to ride a bike at 35 mph. That is just an obscene violent way of looking at a bike. This is not a crit.

  8. Disappointed on

    Why make a bike purposely not adhere to US (EU) class systems? This is really an enormous letdown…
    I am young, work full time in an LBS, able to ride a regular bike, prefer to ride an EBike, no health issues that require me to, and I hate this thing. Hate.

  9. Shawn on

    Bought Juggernaut ultra duo, I’ve been riding since the 80’s and probably have one of the 1st mountain bikes on the market (Norco , Bushpilot) My likes are the ease of riding hilly , snowy , ungroomed trails with ease and control. The batteries together are good for 60kmh. This is with riding assist at level 5 and outside air temp at -15c, and using just the throttle sometimes . (less then 3kmh) Chain sometimes jumps around or skips , but in all fairness the bike has to be ridden like a regular bike ,so gearing down to go up steep hills is a must. Batteries take 4 hrs each to charge from 10%. I am averaging 15kmh with top speeds around 25kmh. The same ride on a regular bike takes me 1.5hrs. I can now do it in 50min with no real effort . I would say my riding is definitely more fun, and i like the ease of chilling on the e bike but tackling intermediate to difficult trails. I also have a Norco Bigfoot , and i enjoy riding that to , as long as the snow isn’t to deep and the ice to slippery. the weight behind the e bike makes it more stable on ice and snow, and no need to put cleats in tires for traction. Price tag was 5,200.


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