Now this is some polished silverware we can appreciate. Manitou just unveiled their newest version of the Mezzer Pro, and unlike family heirloom flatware set, this Sterling is meant to get dirty.

Manitou Mezzer Sterling LE fork legs

Named the Sterling Edition, it’s easy to see why Manitou chose the name. What not quite as easy to see is the amount of work that went into creating the luxe paint job. To ensure that surface irregularities of the lower casting and crown didn’t show through the paint, Manitou has polished each piece by hand before they ever reach the paint booth. This extra step allows for the sterling silver paint to pop, resulting in a striking finish.

Manitou Mezzer Sterling LE crown

Otherwise, it’s the same Mezzer Pro 37mm chassis that is helping to put Manitou back on the map. Equipped with the Dorado Air System and their Infinite Rate Tune system, this allows riders to tune the initial stroke separately from the mid to late travel. Damping is controlled with their sealed MC²/TPC cartridge with external high and low speed compression and low speed rebound adjustments.

Manitou Mezzer Sterling LE profiles

Bleeder screws on the back of the lower legs allow on-trail air-bleeds with a 2.5mm allen, but they also function as direct injection oil ports so you can give the fork a bit of a refresh between full services.

Manitou Mezzer Sterling LE specs

Available in 27.5″ or 29″ platforms, the Mezzer Sterling LE will be limited to just 250 units globally for $1,099.

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