Like an overgrown BMX bike with a persistent smirk, the Klunker is all about finding fun between Point A and Point B. State Bicycle Co. has just announced their own Klunker, following the brand’s usual recipe of ‘simple, good looking, and affordable’.

State Bicycle Co. Klunker, with rider

This guy is clearly eyeing up a patch of grass to lay down a rad skid!

Jacks of all trades and masters of none, Klunker bikes offer a unique kind of appeal: Trying to force versatility onto a simple bike can really put a smile on your face! While many of us are staying local these days, a Klunker could be the ideal toy to make your daily errands more fun. Why not take that forest trail behind the plaza? Maybe even tackle a short trail and try descending with a coaster brake? Don’t miss those curb cuts on Main St!

State Bicycle Co. Klunker, front angle

The Klunker features a steel frame and fork, both of which are covered by a five year warranty. Frames only come in one size, which should fit most riders standing 5’5” to 6’3”. The single speed drivetrain offers 42/22t gearing, and of course this Klunker has an old-school coaster brake!

The bike’s BMX-style 36 spoke rims were built to take a beating. The rims are 27.5” diameter to fit MTB tires, and come wrapped with 2.3” wide WTB Vigilantes so you’ll have a cushy, grippy ride when you venture off-road.

State Bicycle Co. Klunker, front

Up front the Klunker has a pair of 30” wide, 7” rise V-Bar handlebars. A BMX style stem holds them in place, and a pair of Vans grips gives you something to hold. The Klunker also offers a retro-style Leatherette comfort saddle, and comes with a pair of flat pedals.

State Bicycle Co. Klunker, bottle opener

There are water bottle mounts on both the Klunker’s down tube and seat tube, but the seat tube’s mount comes occupied by a nifty accessory: an integrated bottle opener (which are also available separately)!

State Bicycle Co. also gives customers the option of adding light sets, Kryptonite bike locks, alloy water bottle cages or foot straps while purchasing their bike (check out their website for available accessories).

State Bicycle Co. Klunker, rear angle

c. State Bicycle Co.

The State Bicycle Co. Klunker retails for $399.99, and is available in Black only.


  1. Joenomad on

    The term Klunker for bikes originated back in the early 70s when bikes were stripped down for riding off road and could be credited for starting the mountain bike genre. This is a nice affordable example.

  2. ap on

    How much does it weigh? Ha, just kidding of course. I love this. I’ve had plenty of carbon bikes, but my favorite bikes are the classic, simple bikes. Bike bikes, I call them. My moustache barred steel single speed commuter (a frankenbiked MB2 with 700C wheels and custom track dropouts) easily brings me as much joy as any of my other bikes.

  3. BikeHoarder6 on

    Going back to a single speed bike can be disappointing after years of riding 7, 24, 27 speed bikes.
    I found this out the hard way. So maybe offer this bike with some gearing options? IGH even?


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