Kilian Bron’s Outdoor Synchrony is certainly not just another shreddit. How many mountain bike videos feature insane ridge line riding, someone back flipping a snow board and someone hydrofoil surfing on a lake, in the same shot?

kilian bron outdoor synchrony

Throw in some base jumping, rock climbing and trail running for good measure and you’ve got Outdoor Synchrony. The vast majority of this was captured by drone; the film makers got some seriously cool angles of Kilian Bron riding his Commencal enduro bike with a stunning Alpine backdrop.

Kilian Bron Outdoor Synchrony

Rider and Director: Kilian Bron

Featuring: Antony Newton – Highline / BASE jump

Soul Flyers – Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen – Wingsuit

Victor Daviet – Snowboard

Scott Cheminal – Hydrofoil B

aptiste Hagnere – Rock Climbing

Michel Lanne – Trail Running

Valentin Delluc and Ugo Gerola – Speed Flying

Film/Edit: Pierre Henni

Sound Edit: Keith White

FPV Drone: Pierre Dupont / Cinematic Flow

Additional Filming: Valentin Birand, Maxime Rambaud and Steve Robert


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