Fierce Hazel, the female-owned, sustainable cycling bag company, set out to design a weatherproof eco-friendly cycling wallet with every type of cyclist in mind. The Tour de Fierce was born, and it makes it a pretty bold claim. To the weight weenies out there, please feel free to correct the following statement in the comments if you know of a lighter cycling wallet.

Tour de Fierce is the World’s Lightest Cycling Wallet

tour de fierce cycling wallet is world's lightest
The Tour de Fierce cycling wallet has a 4” x 6.75” x 0.75” footprint, will fit into most jersey pockets

Weighing a claimed 40 grams, Fierce Hazel say the Tour de Fierce is the World’s lightest cycling wallet on the market today. “So many of the wallets I found were too bulky and heavy,” says Fierce Hazel founder Frankie Holt. “Cyclists are always looking for ways to shed weight. I wanted to make the world’s lightest cycling wallet…”.

fierce hazel tour de fierce cycling wallet weighs 40g

The Tour de Fierce is sustainably produced from factory deadstock, fabricated into a weatherproof 30D PU + silicone-coated nylon in a heat-bonded and seam-sealed construction. And, Fierce Hazel proudly state that it is ethically made at a factory that pays a living wage and provides a good work environment.

fierce hazel lightweight cycling wallet weighs 40g

Inside the cycling wallet are five discrete pockets, while a sixth zippered pocket provides secure storage of cash, cards and keys. An ultralight key clip keeps them from falling out while you’re rummaging. On the outside, an over-sized zipper pull provides easy access even when you’re wearing chunky winter gloves. That YKK zipper is itself waterproof.

fierce hazel bike wallet lightweight sustainable weatherproof

The Tour de Fierce is sized to be used as a ride wallet or as a tool sack. Fierce Hazel claim it fits a micro-pump or CO2 canister and inflator head, a multitool, tire levers, patch kit, spare tube, plus a handy wipe. They also say “most” phones will zip inside in the event of a downpour, though no specific phones are given. 

Pricing & Availability

fierce hazel blue pine black plum colorways

Fierce Hazel’s Tour de Fierce cycling wallet is available now at a reduced price of $37.50 (was $42), costing you just shy of $0.94 per gram of material (you are welcome). Black and Pine, and Blue and Plum are the colorways available at the time of writing, though the Fierce Hazel website shows a Blue and Pine option too.


  1. I think that skinny outside pocket was actually created for something other than a tire lever as there isn’t any other repair related stuff represented in their ad.

    • If you have access to a sewing machine, I had my wife or I could’ve done it myself if I knew how to operate it, she made me a waterproof jersey wallet. She had been making mask and then agreed to make some jersey wallets Christmas presents for my riding buddies.
      Lens Mills has a large selection of waterproof fabrics in various colours and designs normally used to make rain jackets and diaper covers and a big assortment of zippers in different lengths and colours,
      Depending on what you want to carry will determine the size, but I carry a small Blackburn pump, phone, change/bank card purse, a spare mask and some napkins, all for less than four bucks.

  2. So you have “shredded” a jersey or jacket multiple times indicating that you keep doing it anyway? This product is definitely for you then as apparently you are the only person in the world who has ruined a jersey with a plastic bag.

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