Bulls Bikes have released a new flock of e-touring bikes, each boasting a massive 150 mile range. The Bulls Lacuba EVO Diamond, Step-Thru & Wave models each are driven by the new Brose Drive S Mag motor powered by a downtube-integrated 750Wh Supercore battery. All get a $4,099 price tag thus, are worth a second look.

Bulls Lacuba EVO 10

bulls lacuba evo diamond ebike 150 mile range 750wh battery supercore

The Bulls Lacuba EVO 10 Diamond e-touring model

The Brose Drive S Mag motors that equip this line of new e-bikes makes them some of the more powerful e-touring bikes we see on the market today. In fact, we see the very same motor on the Bulls line of full suspension all mountain bikes too. It offers a maximum torque of 90Nm and a maximum pedal assistance of 410%.

That motor, coupled with the 750Wh Supercore battery nestled away in the downtube give the Bulls Lacuba EVO 10 e-bikes a claimed 150 mile range. Of course that’s terrain-dependent but nevertheless, it is not tot be sniffed at!

bulls lacuba evo 10 wave ebike e-touring commuter bike

The Bulls Lacuba EVO 10 Step-Thru e-touring bike

The Brose Drive S Mag is also meant to be ultra-quiet. It comes with Brose’s new Flex Power Mode. That means it can offer Cadence Power Control and Progressive Pedal Response, said to provide added support for an easier ride during times of otherwise strenuous pedaling.

Each variant of the Bulls Lacuba EVO 10 e-touring bike is fitted with a Shimano Deore 10 speed drivetrain, a 63mm travel Suntour fork and a Bulls-own cockpit with height adjustable stem. Cable routing is internal.

bulls lacuba evo 10 diamond geometry chart150 mile range ebike

The Bulls Lacuba EVO 10 Diamond is available in 48cm and 53cm frame sizes

In addition to the 48cm and 53cm frame sizes offered by the Diamond model, the Step-Thru and Wave models are available in 45cm, 50cm and 53cm frame sizes.

Pricing & Availability

The Bulls Lacuba EVO 10 Diamond, Wave and Step-Thru models are all priced at $4,099 and are available now direct from Bulls and through their network of dealers. 



    • Huffagnolo SuperMagna on

      Wow another stupid comment from the dark ages! Look it’s cool you probably haven’t actually ridden an e-bike of quality but I highly recommend it. It is fun and it sounds like you could use some of that in your life, we all could.

      Sure e-bikes might not be for everyone in every situation but they are certainly opening a lot of doors for a lot of people and getting them on bikes. You can still be a roadie or a mountain biker but could go even further then you normally could or remove another car on the road. Sounds good to me.

  1. Mathias on

    Instead of keeping good eating habbits people ruin themselves (health) and they need all those fancy toys to be able to ride.

    And aside INDUCING healthy issues no one measures drag of bicycle in terms of mechanical losses (not properly lubed chain, too tight preload on bearings, bad hubs, etc.) to sort things out.

  2. Jon D on

    Hate to burst your bubble, but there are a TON of folks who eat healthy, take care of themselves, and still need a fancy ebike to be able to get around. As someone who rides many thousands of miles a year and is *also* a type 1 diabetic who keeps their A1c in the “better than 99% of my population” range: when my body fails me and will no longer let me pedal, you’d better bet I’ll be pedaling as best I can and getting a boost from an electric motor.


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