Orbea’s top carbon road, mountain, and even eMTB bikes all just got lighter thanks to a new raw custom finish as part of their long-running MyO program. Aptly dubbed Raw Carbon, by getting rid of almost all vestiges of paint, the top tier Orca OMX, Alma, Oiz OMX & Rise carbon frames shed grams in a new stealthy look that reveals the complexity of their carbon fiber layups.

Orbea’s gram-saving Raw Carbon custom MyO finishes

Orbea MyO Raw Carbon finish, lightweight custom carbon frame paintjob, Alma XC hardtail MTB

Alma XC hardtail

We know now that paint adds weight, but how much does it really add?

Other manufacturers have told us that a dark paint job could be as light at 100-125g in total, while a light-colored look that requires additional primer layers could be more than double that. But few carbon bike makers offer truly raw carbon finishes for a couple of reasons…

Orbea MyO Raw Carbon finish, lightweight custom carbon frame paintjob, Oiz XC MTB

Oiz XC fully

One, paint helps hide any non-critical voids or imperfections where the variability of one ply of carbon intersects with another. So without paint to hide behind, Orbea must put in even more attention-to-detail than usual in crafting these frames, likely why the raw look is only offered on their four top models. Still, some areas of these ‘raw’ bikes will get small amounts of carbon-matching paint.

Orbea MyO Raw Carbon finish, lightweight custom carbon frame paintjob, Rise eMTB

Rise eMTB

Paint also protects the frame, both from regular wear & UV-exposure. Proper resins can serve much the same purpose these days, like we see from several carbon component makers whose products come straight out of the mold. But Orbea still puts either a glossy or matte clearcoat over the top of the Raw Carbon and graphics, to give the frames a deeper look and protect the graphics.

The result though, is weight savings of 80-100g per frame depending on the model, vs. Orbea’s lightest standard paint schemes.

Custom finish – Options & availability

Orbea MyO Raw Carbon finish, lightweight custom carbon frame paintjob, frame design details

Raw Carbon finishes are available now in Orbea’s MyO online customization tool as the Main Frame Color when you create your own design for a new Orca OMX road, Alma XC hardtail, Oiz OMX XC full-suspension, or Rise trail eMTB. That means that you still get to fully customize logo colors and add any of the other MyO graphics options, too. Plus, the lightweight Raw Carbon look won’t even cost you any more than the standard paintjobs. You are already are starting from Orbea’s most expensive framesets in the first place.

Orbea MyO Raw Carbon finish, lightweight custom carbon frame paintjob, Oiz XC bike complete

What’s the down side?

Added lead times.

When I tried to customize a raw Oiz, MyO tells me I’ll wait until next September to get the bike, or at least July for an Orca. Yikes. No word yet if Orbea’s carbon aero road, gravel, or e-road bikes will also get a lighter raw option in the future, too.



  1. Tom on

    the lighter weight option on an e-bike? How about the option where you eliminate 5+ pounds by getting rid of the motor and battery…

      • Tom on

        sure, have fun on the e-bike, that’s great, not criticizing people who ride them. But why the hell would you care about 100 grams on an e-bike? There’s a motor on the thing anyway, 100 grams makes exactly zero difference, it just costs a lot more. But heh, it’s your money..

        • Greg on

          For some, it’s about the look, and the weight savings is just a bonus. Also, as mentioned in the article, it saves at least 100g. It could be double that vs white paint.

        • jimmy curry on

          Tom,, I just want t say that yes,, the help of the motor will make even a heavy ebike seem as if its a light bike. You couldn’t tell if the bike was heavy or light if all you did when riding is ride like your on a “Stroller path” with your young kids. But if you ride like me and seek out every jump, launch, huck, and chance to get a little air… Then lighter weight does make a difference. Heck,, I’m giving up several skiing vacations to get my RISE LTD. Yes,,, it’s the lightest and most expensive one. I love that naked carbon look,, and if it also drops 100 grams! then that’s icing on the cake.

  2. Randy on

    Can anyone help me I’m looking for donations bike companies or anyone to get a new mountain bike to ride in memory of my brother who was killed by impaired hit and run driver in Everett wa. When we were riding back home we were a minute from home I cant afford a bike with these outrageous sky high prices

  3. AELIII on

    I can see it now. Someone riding a raw carbon bike, with a raw carbon helmet, carbon cranks, carbon bar, carbon shoes, carbon spacers…carbon everywhere! Carbon. Carbon. Carbon!

  4. JonF on

    I’m not surprised that Orbea can show off its OMX layup. I bought an Orca OMX frame (in matte gray) not long after it was released. I took a close look inside before assembly, and the layup and mounting surfaces looked super clean and precise. There are slightly lighter bikes out there, but I don’t care. The combination of stiffness and suppleness, plus an ideal geometry make the bike a crazy great handler and descender, even on rough roads. If you were to remove weight from the layup, it might lose a bit of its magical feel, but by removing weight from the paint, we get a lighter bike, have the great look of raw carbon, keep every bit of its stiffness, and can get all that without a price bump. I’m keeping mine (love it!), but if I were to buy a new bike, an Orca OMX raw carbon would be the one. (I probably sound like Orbea pays me, but no, I’m just a happy customer. I paid them!)

  5. Alain Ceuleers on

    51 years old cycling in the forest, cyclo cross, mountain bike, I ride an ALMA, Super geometry, a bit heavy compared to Scott, but efficient. According to the ORBEA announcement, I expected a revolution, but I am not replacing the frame of my Alma for 100 gr, it would be more profitable a pair of ROPE wheels. But ORBEA remains a great manufacturer!


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