Thanks to the versatile nature of Otso’s range of bikes, they’re great for going off grid. That usually means you’ll want to bring all your own tools to fix almost any mechanical you could think of. Which is where the idea for Otso’s latest addition apparently originated. According to Otso, they noticed their riders were sharing photos of their bikepacking tool kits which often included a small 20mm wrench. With the Tuning Chip Stem Cap Tool though, you can leave the wrench at home.

Otso Tuning chip stem cap installed on headset

Otso Tuning chip on ti gravel bike

To be fair, this isn’t a new concept. Salsa has offered their Split Pivot Dropout Tool Cap for the same reasons. Only, it has a 22mm socket for use with their Split Pivot full suspension frames. The Otso cap on the other hand includes a 20mm socket to remove their Tuning Chip dropout system. This would allow you to replace the derailleur hanger in the field, or even adjust the chainstay position if needed – say you encountered a particularly muddy section and wanted to move the wheel back for the most tire clearance possible.

Otso Tuning chip stem cap on rear axle turning Otso Tuning chip stem cap with allen wrench

Once you remove the cap from the headset (leaving the stem bolts tight to preserve the adjustment), the cap can then be placed over the 20mm nuts on either side of the dropouts. From there, simply use your 6mm Allen wrench to tighten or loosen the Tuning Chip Nut. Otso recommends re-torquing the nut to 18Nm once you get back to civilization, but this tool should allow you to make the necessary adjustments in the field.

The cap includes an integrated 5mm spacer, and is machined from aluminum with an aluminum pre-load bolt included. That makes for a feathery 13.5g or 16g with the included bolt, so it’s not like the addition of the tool will add much weight. The tool will work with all Otso Tuning Chip dropouts, and sells for $14.95.


  1. mudrock on

    The torque required to loosen that tuning chip nut may be too much for some multitools, like that Wolftooth pictured. You bend that pin, and you’ve ruined a $70 tool. I’d bring a long-handled 6mm.

    • Wolf Tooth on

      Although that toque may be too much for some multitools, both our Encase multitool and 8-bit Pack Pliers are rated to 40 N-m so they are plenty strong for the 20 N-m required on the Tuning Chip nuts.


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