THM Carbones have teamed up with Sensitivus Gauge to put a single sided power meter in their ultralight carbon crankset, the Clavicula SE Road. The result? What could be the World’s lightest integrated power meter crankset on the market today.

THM Carbones Clavicula SE Road Power Meter

thm carbones clavicula se carbon power meter crankset with praxis chainrings
The THM Carbones Road Power Meter has a power range of 0 W – 1999 W (+/- 2% accuracy)

THM Carbones’ latest Clavicula SE Road power meter crankset was made in collaboration with Sensitivus Gauge, a Danish company specializing in power meter technology. 

“We are extremely pleased with the collaboration” commented Sensitivus CEO Rolf Ostergaard. “The integration of carbon fibers and strain gauges at this level required some next-level techniques to be developed. Together we have created something truly unique.”

thm carbones clavicula se power meter crankset carbon

The Clavicula SE Road Power Meter crankset weighs a claimed 320g for the compact version, and 329g (+/- 5g) for the standard version, without chainrings. Sensitivus strain gauges and a small, lightweight electronic module sit in the axle. The meter is powered by a lightweight rechargeable lithium ion battery, adding only 27g to the overall weight.

The Clavicula SE crankset features a 30mm axle, with 110mm or 130mm BCD options available. In addition to power, the Sensitivus power meter will also measure cadence, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness (for the left side only). The rechargeable battery has a claimed run time of 150 hours.

thm carbones carbon power meter crankset uses sensitivus gauge technology

The THM Carbones Clavicula SE power meter communicates with head units through both the ANT+ protocol and BLE. For advanced setup and wireless firmware upgrade, users have access to the Team ZWATT power meter app for both iOS and Android.

Pricing & Availability

thm carbones clavicula se power meter carbon crankset
The Clavicula SE crankset is available in a Matte or Gloss finish

The THM Carbones Clavicula SE Road crankset is available as a standalone product with crank lengths of 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm for €1,195. Upgrade it to the Road Power Meter version for €1,975. Expected delivery time is 8 weeks at the time of writing.

If you can’t stomach the outlay of an entirely new carbon crankset, consider the 9g PRECISION power meter from 4iiii. It comes pre-installed on a range of Shimano cranks from 105 up to XTR level for $299-$449.


  1. To be clear, is this a left side only power meter?
    How do you charge it? and how long does the battery typically last?
    It looks sexy as hell and i want one!

    • The THM Clavicula SE Road power meter crankset uses a 30mm axle, has a claimed power range of 0-1999 watts, connects via either ANT+ or Bluetooth LE and has a claimed accuracy of +/-2%. The power meter has a claimed battery life of 150 hours and is rechargeable. Firmware updates are done via the Team ZWATT smartphone app.

  2. Q Factor on these is 148mm (power or not).

    BR, please try to publish the Q for any cranks you feature.
    Some of us need less than 145.

    • Or simply do your own research. They review the component, up to you to decide if it’s suitable which requires you to put in some effort. Awful prospect, I know

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