Winter is a great time to catch up on some bicycle maintenance and cleaning. After you’ve fully cleaned your bike and inspected it for damage, why not protect it from future damage while you’re at it? For those of you with gravel bikes nodding your heads in agreement, the crew from RideWrap is making that easier than ever with their new protection kits specifically for the genre.

RideWrap gravel bike frame protection kit options

What are the RideWrap options? Well, they offer clear frame protection ‘wraps’ which are essentially clear vinyl stickers that protect the paint and potentially carbon fiber, while allowing the looks of the frame and fork to shine through. Like most brands, they have generic kits that will cover the basics of most frames. But unlike other brands, they also offer tailored protection kits which offer near complete frame protection that is custom made for your frame.

Their Tailored Protection kits are available for a number of bikes already, and the company states that they’re always working to add more models to their library. That’s a fairly involved process because not only are the kits custom made for each model, they’re also custom made for each individual frame size. That guarantees a perfect fit, and easier installation.

RideWrap gravel bike frame protection kit on Salsa

When installed properly, the kits are nearly invisible from a distance, and include a 10 year warranty against discoloration and cracking. You also have the choice of matte or gloss finish so you can keep the look of your current frame finish, or change it up.

Due to the custom nature of the Tailored Kits and the massive amount of coverage provided (including the fork), the price is higher at $135. Too expensive for your liking? RideWrap also offers their Covered and Essential kits for gravel bikes which offer universal fit for $65 and $35 respectively. Those kits don’t include fork protection though, so you’ll have to add the universal Fork kit for another $35.

Check out the full range of Tailored kits at the link below.


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