A mountain biking themed puzzle? No way! It’s true though. Hans “No Way” Rey is being immortalized in puzzle form to the tune of 1000 pieces. Perfect for those coming days where you might not be able to get out for a ride but you love all things bike.


Hans No Way Rey puzzle images

Produced by Road Crates inc., the Hans signature puzzle focuses on four decades of biking with Hans Rey. That includes his early days of riding trials on GT mountain bikes, to his later years combining trials skills with additional assist on GT e-bikes and full suspension mountain bikes.

Hans No Way Rey puzzle box


The 1000 piece puzzle measures 27.95″ x 20” or 71cm x 50.8cm, and lists a “linen style finish to reduce glare.” Billed as a limited edition, the puzzle is offered in a pre-order for $25 + shipping. The website seems a bit behind, but Road Crates states on Facebook that the puzzles should start shipping this month.


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