One of the hottest things in e-bikes right now, Shimano’s new EP8 drive system has been popping up left and right. Positioned as a premium pedal assist system, Shimano was wise to use the same mounting system as the previous E7000 system, which means companies like Fezzari can easily offer upgraded bikes for 2021. Not only that, but the remaining E7000 spec now offers a lower priced alternative that still offers impressive performance.

Fezzari Wire Peak eMTB with Shimano EP8

Already plugged into the e-bike world? Then you might know the specs of the EP8 system by heart at this point. If not, the quick summary is that the system is better in almost every way. It’s lighter, quieter, offers better heat management, more ground clearance, all while delivering more torque in a smoother manner for better control. Supposedly, it’s also more efficient for even better range, though that remains to be seen in the real world.

As mentioned, the EP8 system uses the same mounting points as the previous generation of Shimano’s electric assist mid-drive motors, so it can mount to the same frames.

Fezzari Wire Peak eMTB with Shimano EP8 drive system

Like most other manufacturers, Fezzari has taken full advantage of that backwards compatibility by including EP8 on the two top level specs for their Wire Peak.

At the pinnacle, the Wire Peak Pro gets Shimano EP8 with a Fox Performance Elite 160mm 36 Grip2 fork and a 140mm of travel from a Fox Float DPS. A Shimano XT 1×12 drivetrain with XT hydraulic disc brakes are paired with 29″ Stan’s Flow EX3 wheels for a dialed build that still checks in at $5,599.

The Wire Peak Elite also includes Shimano EP8, but drops to a DVO Diamond D3 160mm fork and Topaz 1 air shock out back. The drivetrain is a Shimano SLX 1×12, with TRP T4 brakes and WTB ST i29 2.0 wheels for $4,599.

To keep the Wire Peak Comp as affordable as possible, this model retains the E7000 drive system which offers 60Nm of torque compared to the EP8’s 85Nm. It also includes a RockShox Recon RL 150mm fork with an X-Fusion 023 Pro RL rear shock, and a SRAM SX 1×12 drivetrain and WTB ST i29 wheels for $3,599.

All three models use the same 504Wh battery which is integrated into the downtube, and removable. As usual, all Fezzaris include a 23 point custom set up, and a ton of options during the ordering process to get your bike ready to ride, right out of the box.


  1. The EP8 motor sounds impressive on paper and i had high hopes, but if you’re racing emtb pro class Shimano is off the back. I loved the backwards compatibility with the E8000 for warranty purposes if your motor craps out. Maybe a firmware update Shimano? (like Bosch did). Fezzari makes a nice bike and we are starting to see more in the wild out here. Shimano’s stellar worldwide warranty support is the main reason why many PM’s are spec’ing this motor.

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