Curve’s new alloy Dirt Hoops are built to be reliable off-road bikepacking adventure wheels, able to light your way with dynamo power. And while several bikes we’ve seen rolling on these new wheels had drop bars, like those ultra-wide Walmer bars I reviewed, this is definitely not just another gravel wheelset. With big 30mm internal rims for 27.5″ or 29″ MTB tires, Dirt Hoops Alloy are totally mountain bike wheels, ready for your longest & toughest off-road adventures…

Curve Dirt Hoops Alloy wide MTB adventure bikepacking wheels

Curve Dirt Hoops Alloy wide MTB adventure bikepacking wheels, mountain bike
all photos c. Curve Cycling

Curve follows up their popular carbon Dirt Hoops adventure biking MTB wheels with the more affordable, more capable Dirt Hoops Alloy wheelsets. Building on the same philosophy of modern wide mountain bike style wheels built for multi-day adventure riding in tough, technical terrain, these new wheels are ready for anything you can throw at them – from local singletrack to loaded backcountry touring.

Their limited edition GMX+ ti off-road bikepacking bike served as one of two main test mules for the new alloy wheels, racking up “1000’s of kilometres testing them in the Aussie Desert [back] in 2019” during their development.

The other being Curve’s DownRock ti trail hardtail mountain bike.

MTB adventure wheels – Tech details

Curve Dirt Hoops Alloy wide MTB adventure bikepacking wheels

The basic idea was to start with a wide & tubeless-ready alloy rim to handle big mountain bike tires, then build them on proven hubs to handle riding in harsh conditions. The Dirt Hoops Alloys start with a 30mm internal hooked tubeless rim that will work with pretty much any tires you want – optimized for 2.2-3″ tires. The rims are 35mm wide outside & 19mm deep, available in both 29″/700c & 27.5″/650b.

Curve Dirt Hoops Alloy wide MTB adventure bikepacking wheels, SP dynamo DT Swiss 350 hub details

Curve laces the alloy rims up on Boost-spaced 6-bolt DT Swiss 350 hubs for their standard no-nonsense build, with the option to swap in an SP Dynamo PD-8X front hub dynamo for never-ending power on your adventures.  Either way, Curve builds the wheels with Sapim Race spokes & brass nipples, settling on 28 spokes front & rear which they say has proven the best balance of performance & durability in their “real world testing from XC racing to off-road touring.”

Curve Dirt Hoops Alloy wide MTB adventure bikepacking wheels, wheelset

Still Curve Dirt Hoops Alloy wheels are built for strength & reliability, not ultralight weight. A 27.5 wheelset is claimed to weigh 1990g, or 29ers at 2200g with the DT hubs. The SP dynamo hub option tacks an additional 230g on top of that for its unlimited power supply.

Curve Dirt Hoops Alloy – Pricing & availability

Curve Dirt Hoops Alloy wide MTB adventure bikepacking wheels, 30mm internal rim

The new Dirt Hoops Alloy adventure MTB wheels sell for A$1179 (~$905/750€) with a regular DT front hub, or A$1229 (~$943/782€) with the SP Dynamo up front to electrify your lights & charge gadgets. Not officially listed on their site, Curve also will sell the alloy rim only to those looking for an even more custom build (27.5 at 465g, 29 at 569g).

Curve Dirt Hoops Alloy wide MTB adventure bikepacking wheels, Jesse & Sarah tour

Curve also sells similarly wide Dirt Hoops carbon wheelsets (no dynamo version there, though) that will save you up to 800g, but lighten your wallet by an extra A$1000 (~$780/650€), plus a carbon rim-only option, too.

Curve Dirt Hoops Alloy wide MTB adventure bikepacking wheels, gravel road

All versions are available now, through global Curve dealer bike shops, or direct from Curve in Melbourne, Australia.


    • How can you make a comparison if you’ve never built with the Curve rims? I see the complete wheels are available, but not singular rims yet. Regardless, I wouldn’t touch Kinlin rims with a 10ft pole. Worst quality and QC I’ve ever seen with aluminum rims ever. Used to have to pick through boxes of 40 at my local supplier just to find a decent set. Only thing Kinlin is good for is to toss into the recycling bin.

      • How do I know? Because the rim in the above story is a… shock horror, rebranded Kinlin TL-29. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  1. Ok, so I can get quality carbon rims from a reputable manufacturer with the same hubs, probably better spokes for more the $100 USD less than these. Really not seeing the value here….

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