MRP have added Ramp Control cartridges (RCC) for the all-new FOX 38 and RockShox ZEB enduro forks. As the name suggests, the MRP Ramp Control allows the rider to tune their fork’s end-stroke progression (aka Ramp) on the fly with 16 clicks of adjustment. Sounds a bit like a volume spacer, right? It’s not.

There’s a key difference. Noah Sears explains that while the RCC is able to increase the fork’s Ramp, it does so without affecting the small bump sensitivity or mid-stroke support. That’s because it isn’t actually a volume adjustment… it’s a little more clever than that. Tyler got a full explanation from Noah here.

Feature image by James Hudson

MRP Ramp Control for FOX 38

mrp ramp control

Until now, the MRP Ramp Control cartridges have only been available for FOX 32, 34 & 36 single-crown forks, and the FOX 40 dual-crown DH fork. Now, MRP have expanded the repertoire of cartridges adding model G for the all-new FOX 38 160mm-180mm travel enduro fork (reviewed here).

Though the MRP Ramp Control isn’t a volume adjustment per se, its ramp tuning can be likened to the effects of volume spacers nevertheless. MRP say the RCC’s total tuning range, strictly in terms of end-stroke support, is roughly equivalent to 1-4 volume spacers.

mrp ramp control internals

When run in the open mode, the Ramp Control Cartridge reduces spring volume similar to one volume spacer. In its strongest (closed) setting, and under a high-speed compression, the end-stroke support will be similar to a spring with its volume reduced by four standard spacers.

It’s worth noting that the end-stroke ramping is a speed-sensitive phenomenon. You won’t get the same ramping effect on full travel low-speed compressions, as explained here.

At just 55g, MRP claim the Ramp Control Cartridge is lighter than most air-spring assemblies fitted with more than two tokens. Installation is said to be very easy, not requiring the lower-leg removal needed for Fox 36 forks.

MRP Ramp Control for RockShox ZEB

how does MRP ramp control cartridge work

MRP have long offered Ramp Control Cartridges for almost the entire RockShox line-up, including Revelation, Pike, Yari, Lyrik and SID forks. Now, The RockShox ZEB joins them with its own dedicated RCC denoted model F, compatible with the 160mm-190mm travel fork in both wheel size options.

As with the MRP Ramp Control for FOX forks, the ZEB cartridge offers a total tuning range roughly equivalent to 1-4 tokens. It’s worth noting here that the MRP Ramp Control Cartridges are not compatible with RockShox dual-position air forks.

Pricing & Availability

Pick up the MRP Ramp Control cartridges for FOX 38 or RockShox ZEB fork for $149.95 each.

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