Oil slick all the things? That seems to be the case if you’ve been paying attention to new releases lately. Or for the past few years for that matter. The multi-hued “oil slick” look has become a popular addition to the typical anodized parts in solitary colors.

Cane Creek Limited edition Oil Slick chainring spider for eewings cranks

Adding the colorful option to their chainrings for eeWings titanium cranksets, Cane Creek may just have the perfect accessory for those absoluteBLACK rings we posted earlier (actually these are 5-bolt, aB is 4-bolt…. standards‽). Or rather, any other chainrings with a traditional 5-bolt 110 BCD.

Cane Creek Limited edition Oil Slick chainring spider for eewings cranks

Sold in two separate versions, the spiders are compatible with 1x or 2x chainring setups. The 2x option is compatible with 32t chainrings for the smaller option allowing for 48/32 subcompact gearing. Both are priced at $59.99 and are available for a limited time.



    • Greg on

      They fit BSA frames. Several companies make a BSA30 bottom bracket, including Cane Creek.
      The bearings for bb86 are kinda crappy, and there’s no fitment for bb90, but that one’s being phased out.

    • Marcin on

      Why not to get BSA30 bottom bracket? I run eeWings on my Richard Sachs and no issue. Friend is running them on his GT Edge Ti, also BSA bb. Easy.


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