Over the past few years, Spinergy has been mounting a comeback. A big part of that has been their entry into the world of gravel. First with the GX, and most recently the GXX, now Spinergy is taking things to the extreme with the GX MAX.

Spinergy GX MAX wheels on Evil gravel bike

As the world of gravel evolves, so must the wheels and tires. Along with the super light bikes built for racing, there’s also a segment of gravel where people are riding their bikes more like mountain bikes than gravel bikes. That’s where the GX MAX comes in.

Spinergy GX MAX gravel wheels vs moto wheels with pbo spokes

Using the same 24mm inner rim width as the GXX (but with a different profile), the GX MAX is built for the wider tires popular with this segment of the market. The wheels also get stronger with more spokes and thicker axles to withstand jumps, drops, and any other shenanigans you plan to pull on your “gravel” bike.

Concerned about the strength of the Spinergy PBO (Polyphenylene Bensobisoxazole fiber) spoke? Spinergy points out that the same technology is used on their motocross wheels – so it should be more than capable of holding up to gravel duties. Their PBO spokes have been used for years and claim 3x the strength of steel, half the weight, and offer vibration damping not found with metal spokes.

Spinergy GX MAX front wheel

Spinergy GX MAX rear wheel

Offered in 700c and 650b sizes, the GX MAX wheels are built with welded aluminum rims that measure 24mm internal, 28mm external, with a 20mm depth. Each wheel uses 28 PBO spokes with a radial/2x lacing pattern. Those spokes are offered in a range of colors, including custom patterns. Hubs are available with QR, 12, or 15mm thru axles up front, and QR or 142 x 12mm thru axles out back, and Shimano HG or SRAM XDR freehub bodies with CenterLock brake mounts. Claimed weight of the 700c set is 1,622g, and the wheels are priced at $699 per pair.



  1. The fact that they use that stupid haygar bike thing as the platform for these wheels tells me these are just a marketing stunt. An effort to get non-thinking people to buy these wheels based on emotion and a vision of how they think they will look so cool. I am sure these wheels work just fine but there is nothing new here. And for $700 I would expect a lighter total weight.

    • The fact you think the Hagar is a “stupid” bike and the spokes are “stupid” shows in fact how ignorant you are, thus negating the effectiveness of your comments.

  2. I always find these kids of products interesting….. Super light spokes…Awesome!! Then why are the wheels so heavy? I just bought a set of Nobl wheels, with standard spokes and nipples, almost identical rim profile…. 1480g …(w/Lifetime warranty if the wheels are damaged while riding)…. Cost is the same too.

    This innovation is great, but only if it provides some tangible benefit to the customer.

  3. I really want to like these wheels but in reality the PBO spokes don’t work out lighter than a lightweight butted steel spoke. Factor in an oversized nipple and and oversized hub to spoke interface and before you know it there’s no net weight savings. The vibration absorption claim is interesting but wouldn’t any vibration that couldn’t be absorbed by steel spokes be absorbed by the tyre? And at over 15mph the thicker spokes surely must create phenomenal drag? It’s great that Spinergy are still in business but I can’t help but think this is their 20 year old technology being rehashed. But they do look cool!

  4. I have the Spinergy GX wheels and love them. At 1475 grams for the pair, for $600, they’re a steal. My only problem is they don’t give a great rim seal with my favorite tires, Panaracer Gravelking SKs. 3x I have lost pressure around the bead during a ride, would look down and see sealant leaking around the rim. The third time it went flat entirely and had to put in a tube. Hasn’t happened in front tho, only the back tire.

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