Effetto Mariposa has tweaked their Caffélatex tubeless valves & Shelter Wide frame protection tape to help give your bike a winter refresh. The valves themselves get updated to better fit on more tubeless setups, with a new stealth look option & integrated valve core remover. And the three levels of stick-on Shelter protection now better fit modern carbon frames.

Effetto Mariposa updated Caffelatex Tubeless Valves

Effetto Mariposa updated Caffelatex Tubeless Valves
c. Effetto Mariposa

Mariposa’s latest Caffelatex Tubeless Valves aren’t exceptionally revolutionary, but rather update the originals, bringing together a few key features we’ve seen before. Long aero-road friendly lengths, modular rubber bases to fit more rim profiles, and a functional cap with built-in valve core remover.

Together as one, they could be the exact setup you need, especially if you ride deep carbon tubeless wheels.

Effetto Mariposa updated Caffelatex Tubeless Valves tech details & fitThree lengths of the alloy valves are available – 40mm, 70mm & 100mm – with only the top 30mm getting threads. A molded-on rubber base forms a solid seal against rim bed with a mostly flat middle channel, or you can slide on the conical rubber washer for more curved rims. Unlike some similar valves that rely on alloy base & thin washers, this setup looks less likely to deform when tightened down.

The cap with the integrated valve core remover is pretty much identical to the one we’ve used on Granite’s Juicy Nipples, similar to Peaty’s. In my experience, this style fit doesn’t tend to be perfect. But I appreciate a functional cap, and it’s much more convenient than hunting down one of the little plastic valve tools.

Effetto Mariposa updated Caffelatex Tubeless Valves sizes

Effetto Mariposa has always sold their tubeless valves in silver with red caps, but now adds an all-black option for those who don’t feel so flashy. The valves sell in pairs for 16€ in the short 40mm, 28€ for medium 70mm, and 34€ for long 100mm.

Effetto Mariposa Shelter Wide frame protection tape

Effetto Mariposa Shelter Wide frame protection tape, downtubeShelter Wide frame protection tape is also an update to a long-running Mariposa product. Available in three thicknesses – 0.2mm ZeroDue, 0.6mm Road, and 1.2mm Off-Road – Effetto Mariposa’s Shelter tape is a clear, self-adhesive protective layer… essentially an anti-scratch sticker to keep your frame or components looking new longer.

Effetto Mariposa Shelter Wide frame protection tape, 58mm standard or 80mm wide
58mm standard (left) or new 80mm Wide (right)

Sold in kits or rolls, many cyclists prefer the 1m & 5m rolls that let you customize how you cover parts of your paintjob you are looking to protect.

But as Mariposa realized, modern carbon bike frame tubes and especially e-bikes keep getting so much bigger, that the standard 58mm rolls didn’t offer enough coverage. Now, Shelter Wide stretches that coverage up to 80mm wide.

Effetto Mariposa Shelter Wide frame protection tape, chainstay

Shelter Wide rolls are sold in all three thicknesses, and in both 1m & 5m rolls of the 80mm width. The thinnest Shelter ZeroDue Wide 1m roll costs €26, or 5m for €74 (compare to €21/1m, €59/5m for 58mm wide rolls.) Middle thickness Shelter Road Wide & extra-thick Shelter Off-Road both sell for €33 per 1m roll, or €105for the 5m shop roll (compare with €29/1m or €83/5m for 58mm wide rolls.)

Both the new Effetto Mariposa tubeless valves & new stick-on protection are available now globally, and direct from the butterfly effect themselves…


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