The road tire market is seemingly at a crossroads. Do you stick with tubes? Go tubeless? Well, with the new Gen 2 Maxxis High Road tires, no matter what your choice – you’ll be getting a better tire.

Maxxis Gen 2 High Road tire
Photo c. Alonso Tal/Maxxis

Offered in both tube type and Tubeless Ready, the new High Road tires all get an upgraded 170 TPI casing instead of 120 TPI. That results in a 12-15% weight savings for the tube type version, while the tubeless ready tires remain about the same. But both tires do get a 2% reduction in rolling resistance thanks to the new threads.

They also get the new ZK anti-puncture layer which uses a liquid crystal polymer fiber to offer 7% better puncture resistance. The Tubeless Ready tires get an updated construction for better air retention and a more supple ride.

Maxxis Gen 2 High Road tire tread

The tread pattern has been revised as well with a “finely textured casing” for better dry traction, and a new shoulder siping for better cornering in wet conditions.

Maxxis Gen 2 High Road tire family

In tube type or Tubeless Ready, you have the choice of 700c x 25mm or 28mm wide rubber with claimed weights shown above. The lightest option is of course the 25mm tube type tire which checks in at 185g.


  1. I really liked the previous generation. The wear and puncture resistance was already impressive, so I hoped they would have focused more on a reduction in rolling resistance which was / is their major drawback.

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