Rose’s affordable carbon gravel bike gets that wild internally-geared rear hub 1x 22-speed electronic drivetrain in a new Backroad X Classified complete build. The German consumer-direct bike company is one of the first outside of Classified’s Belgian home base to integrate the alternative shifting system, and so far looks to be the lowest cost complete bike setup, while paired with Shimano GRX Di2 for the full electronic shifting experience.

Rose Backroad X Classified gravel bike with electronic 1×22

Rose says they’re the first German bike manufacturer to integrate Classified Cycling’s new shifting tech into one of their bikes, building it into the latest carbon Backroad gravel bike that we got an exclusive preview of last spring.

Rose Backroad X Classified carbon gravel bike, more affordable Classified Powershift internal gear 1x 22-speed electronic drivetrain, Smart Thru-Axle detail

c. Rose

The Rose Backroad X Classified results in a clean overall look for the popular bike and claimed reduction in maintenance, while retaining the full 451% range & gear spacing that was otherwise only offered with 2x builds.

Tech details – All the best of a 1x, with 2x gearing

We’ve covered the details of the internally-geared hub Classified Powershift virtual front derailleur system since its launch last summer. It essentially puts a set of planetary gears inside a rear hub to double your 11-speed gear range, giving you 2x road double gear ratios without a front derailleur. Shifting is wireless and super-fast, pairing perfectly with Di2 shifters and a regular rear derailleur.

Rose Backroad X Classified carbon gravel bike, Classified Powershift internal gear 1x 22-speed electronic drivetrain hub detail

Until now, the Classified system has been limited to complete Belgian bikes like the 6300€ build of the carbon Ridley Kanzo Fast or several custom-built steel bikes from Jaegher, starting at 6500€ and climbing to over 12,500€. Classified did announce a separate carbon wheelset offering at the end of last year, but even that will be limited to a small number of partner shops upgrading bikes they deem compatible, and will still cost you at least 2400€.

Rose Backroad X Classified – Pricing & availability

Rose Backroad X Classified carbon gravel bike, more affordable Classified Powershift internal gear 1x 22-speed electronic drivetrain, green

The Rose Backroad X Classified is set to lower the bar on the cost-of-entry to the Classified Powershift system quite a bit, with a retail price of 5300€. For that, you will get the Classified 11-34T x2 system laced into a set of Rose-branded alloy Newmen rims, and a complete bike build with Shimano GRX Di2 rear derailleur & shifters, Rotor Aldhu 46T alloy cranks, Rose’s D-shaped carbon seatpost, and alloy Ritchey WCS Butano bar. Rose claims a weight of 8.6kg for the complete bike (57cm).

Rose Backroad X Classified carbon gravel bike, more affordable Classified Powershift internal gear 1x 22-speed electronic drivetrain, purple

The one trick to it all… is that you’ll have to wait. Rose offers the Backroad X Classified in six sizes (50-62cm) and either Evil Pepper green or Deepest purple. But all of the complete Classified builds seem to be available to pre-order now, but not expected to ship until the last week of July 2021.


    • mud on

      If you look at the shape of the hub that’s impossible. The planetary gears take up too much room. Cassettes aren’t cheap – 175 Euros, but they stock thematic least.

      • Dylan Sutton on

        It’s only impossible because they went for a design gimmick which had the planetary gears removable from the hub shell. Just put the gears between the hub flanges instead and there’s no reason you couldn’t drive it with a standard cassette. Who is seriously going to want to move the guts of their hub between two different wheelsets all the time anyway? I like to keep all my bikes racked and ready to ride at any time.

  1. Frank on

    Ordered a Reveal several months ago. everything is crap. Hole of seatpost clamp not aligned with the screw, lack of paint on some areas, something wrong with seatstays surface is not smooth, headtube has a flat spot on top. assembly is horrible : callipers not aligned, one of the screw head was damaged, front derailleur not aligned, limit screws not adjusted, air in brake hose. Look nice but stay away…

      • Erik on

        That’s funny.
        A decade back I had a Monty trials bike.
        Saved up for it, was so pumped.
        Got it, and it was like a teenager built it in their garage.
        Sold it, never went back.
        Never thought about the brand again really till seeing your comment!

  2. Ken on

    How exactly is the handlebar unit attached or integrated? Can’t find anything about it. Previously I read the shifting will be possible with the STIs.

    • Cory Benson on

      @Ken, the Classified wireless transmitter fits into the left bar end, like the Di2 control box on the right side of the bar (see the Jaegher link above). That transmitter plugs directly into the Shimano Di2 wiring for the left shifter, so you can shift with the regular Shimano Di2 controls.

  3. John Madden on

    Please keep working on reliable, lightweight, 2-speed hubs (planetary,..)!! .. 1×22 on a closer range cassette would be the best thing that ever happened for the XC market — it would completely take over ($$). 2x front shifters for XC were Horribly unreliable. 1×10,11,12 were a huge improvements in reliability but shifting is still super chunky. And, that 12th pie-plate cog (~160% size of chain ring) with a small crane-looking, bush/grass-grabbing derailleur setup is just silly -imo. Go (light, reliable) planetary!


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