Want to start the season with a good base tan? You’re on your own when it comes to your cycling tan lines, but if we’re talking about tire sidewalls, Goodyear has you covered. Previously offered only in tube type tires for the road, Goodyear has just expanded their tan sidewall options to include their Tubeless Complete construction – for both road and gravel.

Goodyear Eagle F1 tan sidewalls

While the construction remains the same, you now have the option of tan sidewalls for all of the Ultra High Performance and High Performance road tires from Goodyear. Their Tubeless Complete system includes features like their Dual Angle Bead and Tubeless liner for better seating and sealing, something we experienced for ourselves with earlier models with black sidewalls. For more details on each tire’s construction, check out that link above.

Goodyear Eagle F1 tan sidewalls with supersport and sportGoodyear Eagle F1 tan sidewalls Goodyear Eagle F1 tan sidewalls tire sizes Goodyear Eagle tire sizes

With the addition of the tan sidewall options, there are quite a few different configurations between the Eagle F1, Eagle F1 Supersport, and Eagle Sport. Goodyear states that there are 36 different variations with four tread patterns if you include the Vector 4Seasons.

Importantly, due to the state of product availability in the industry, Goodyear claims they have short lead times and product in stock and shipping now. That includes the Eagle F1 Tubeless Complete Tan, Eagle F1 SuperSport Tubeless Complete Tan, and Eagle Sport tube type tan.

All Terrain

Goodyear Eagle All Terrain tan sidewalls

It’s a similar story on the gravel All Terrain side of things, but in addition to tan sidewalls, the All Terrain line gets new sizes and tread pattern as well. OK, technically, the Peak tread pattern already existed in their MTB line, but now a smaller size comes over to the All Terrain range as the option with the highest level of grip. That puts the Connector in the middle, and the County on the other side of the spectrum with better tarmac performance.

Goodyear Eagle All Terrain tan sidewalls County Goodyear Eagle All Terrain tan sidewalls County

Previously, the County was only offered in black, and only in a 700c x 35mm size. Now, you have the option of black or tan sidewalls and the new 700c x 40mm or 650b x 50mm sizes.

Goodyear Eagle All Terrain tan sidewalls Connector

Goodyear Eagle All Terrain tan sidewalls Connector Goodyear Eagle All Terrain tan sidewalls Connector

Same for the Connector, you get black or tan sidewall options plus three new sizes including 700c x 35mm, 700c x 50mm, and 650b x 50mm.

Goodyear Eagle All Terrain tan sidewalls Peak Goodyear Eagle All Terrain tan sidewalls Peak

As mentioned, the Peak already exists in a proper mountain bike sizes 29 x 2.25″. But for the gravel world, there is a new 700c x 40mm size with the same XC tread design. Again, available in black or tan sidewalls and Tubeless Complete construction.

Goodyear Eagle All Terrain tan sidewalls Connector

At the moment, only the Connector is shipping. But the County and Peak All Terrain models will start shipping in April.



  1. I’ve gone through a few sets of Connectors and find them to be, hands-down, the best all-around 40mm tires on the market. They are surprisingly grippy for how well they roll, mount easily, stay inflated, and long lasting. Looking forward to having the tanwall option once the current set wears out.

  2. I’ve been on Maxxis Ramblers 40c for a while and think they roll well enough on the road and are good on gravel and even some single track. Can anyone comment on the Ramblers vs the Connectors?

  3. So damned funny. Not two years ago, I rebuilt a vintage 1985 black chrome Schwinn Sierra that I bought when stationed with the Navy in Norfolk VA. It was Schwinn’s early attempt at a mountain bike (by today’s standards, it is simply a hybrid commuter). But that bike went with me half way around the world….yep. As an Officer, I always found a way to stow it somewhere on our 600’+ Fleet Oiler. Anyway….flash forward to 2018. I decided to “refurbish” it. And dammit, for the life of me, I could not find tan sidewalls in her tire size. Now….its all the rage. And now that I think on it, didn’t we used to call them “ gum walls”? Or is that too any sips of quality bourbon remembering?? Great freaking article…..thanks for the memory trip!

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