British tire insert manufacturers RockStop MTB have released an eMTB frame protector. The Frameguard is a massive aluminium plate embedded in a shock absorbing polymer that protects not only the downtube, but also the underside of the eMTB motor. This is one of the most comprehensive frame protectors we’ve seen yet, deserving of a closer look.

RockStop Frameguard

rockstop emtb frame protection frame guard protects downtube motor specialized levo
The RockStop eMTB frame guard weighs a claimed 165g

The new eMTB Frameguard from RockStop is 490mm long and 75mm wide. The aluminium plate molded inside the shock absorbing polymer allows you to bend the frame protector to suit the shape of your bike’s downtube and motor region.

RockStop say the polymer is specially formulated to take on heavy rock strikes to prevent shattering of the factory fitted motor casing. Notice the Frameguard has a certain curvature width ways; that gives it extra volume to give a good fit between the guard and the frame, regardless of tube shapes.

rockstop emtb frame protection aluminium plate shock asorbing polymer prevents motor casing shattering


To stop the Frameguard harboring water and muck, it features holes and a channel on the underside to help with drainage.

The eMTB frame protector attaches to your downtube and motor casing in two ways. First up, four metal-backed adhesive tabs anchor it onto the surface. Second, their are four holes through which velcro strap pass to secure the Frameguard further.

rockstop emtb frameguard water drainage holesRockStop say the 3M VHB tape is tough and will stay firmly on your frame. To get it off, you’ll need to get a hairdryer on it to heat it up, then it will peel off without damaging your frame. And yes, replacement tabs can be sourced. So, you can remove the frame protector you ever want to get under there to give your frame a thorough clean.

Will it fit my bike?

RockStop have a handy Fit Checker on their website. There are certain eMTBs that the Frameguard is very unlikely to work with, such as certain models from Giant and Whyte.

Through their own testing, RockStop have found the Frameguard works well with and is thus approved for use with a growing list of ebikes including the Santa Cruz Bullit, Orbea Rise, Cube Stereo Hybrid and Specialized Levo. 

Pricing & Availability

The RockStop eMTB Frameguard will set you back £45. You can have any color as long as it’s black.

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