Thomas Yang’s newest 100Copies print takes simple geometric inspiration from the Bauhaus Movement and gives it a contemporary splash of bright color to capture his 8 Cyclists. Yang says his combination of simple shapes, forms, and bold color blocks creates “an abstract depiction of 8 cyclists passing one another on the road”, then challenging you to try and find them all?

100Copies #47 – 8 Cyclists

Overlapping one simple pattern on top of the next, it took me a couple of minutes to see all eight riders, reminding me of those magic eye posters. Hint: I ultimately found them all by looking for the squares with downward sloping arms, topped by a square with a circle for a head in them.

100copies #47, 8 Cyclists art print
c. 100Copies

I guess there are actually 9 Cyclists with this little 100 Copies logo getting the geometric treatment, too…

100copies #47, 8 Cyclists art print details

The iconic Bauhaus art movement has impacted our ordinary lives in extraordinary ways. Its reach in the modern society is everywhere: From skyscrapers to household objects and even the humble bicycle. It brought art into everyday life and shaped the way we live today. Cycling, too, can be both an everyday affair and an art form.” – Thomas Yang

100copies #47, 8 Cyclists art print mounted

The colorful new 84cm x 59.4cm (33″x25″) offset lithographic print is created with four Pantone colors on archival 220g Maple Bright paper. As always with this series, just 100 stamped & numbered prints of 8 Cyclists are being made, and sell for $90 plus international shipping from Singapore.

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