Crazy about tracking your heart rate, power and cadence on your training rides? Now, you can add your breathing rate to those data sets with the new AirPop Active+ Halo Smart Sports Mask. Its embedded sensor tracks your breathing while a filter cleans the air of particles and bacteria as you inhale and exhale. Let’s take a closer look at this £149.99 sports face mask, specifically designed for high-intensity exercise.

AirPop Active+ Halo Smart Sports Mask

This could be the highest tech sports face mask we’ve seen yet. Its voluminous shape is said to permit easy breathing, its filter cleans the air as you breathe, and the embedded Halo Smart sensor tracks your breathing rate as you ride, run, or go about your daily business. So, you can find out when, how and where your breathing rate changes as you train.

Let’s dig into those features a little deeper…

Halo Smart Sensor

airpop active+ halo smart sensor tracks record breath rate

A sensor embedded in the Active+ Halo Smart sports mask automatically detects when you start breathing and then syncs your breathing data with the AirPop app on your phone. An inhale/exhale LED ring indicates the wearer’s breath rate.

airpop smart sports mask led light indicates inhale exhale

The personal dashboard on the app can track your breathing rate by activity and location, if you opt to share that information. You can also share your mode of transport and route taken, along with your breathing behavior. Over time, the app gets “smarter”, and will be able to inform you of any patterns. AirPop work with Apple HealthKit, so you can track your breathing in iOS.

Particle and Bacteria Filtration

airpop active+ smart sports mask air filter bacteria particles easy breathing unrestricted

The AirPop Active+ Halo Smart mask boasts 360° sealing with a medical-grade soft touch membrane. Its super light construction allows it to adapt the seal to the contours of your face.

AirPop say the mask exceeds Community Face Coverings CWA 17553:2020 guidelines, offering 99.3% particle filtration (PFE) and 99.9% bacterial filtration (BFE). They also claim it is fluid resistant. The filters are replaceable, each with a wear-time of up to 40 hours.

airpop active+ smart sports mask air filter replacement

The Halo App syncs with your local air quality index to advise you on whether or not you’ll need to wear your Active+ mask that day.

A sports mask that’s easy to breathe in?

airpop active sports mask filter easy breathe unrestricted airflow 3d construction high volume

The AirPop Active+ Halo Smart mask looks fairly voluminous. Its 3D structure is said to create a canopy of air that keeps the mask off the face for effortless breathability. It is made with low resistance materials to allow it to deliver unrestricted airflow.

Pricing & Availability

The AirPop Active+ Halo Smart sports mask retails at £149.99, with replacement air filters priced at £29.99. It is available in one size only but the ear loops are adjustable so you can tune it to fit your face.


  1. As a person who works in healthcare day in and day out, every day….well, this thing is going to look terrible in the landfill in a few thousand years. It can be like all those old AOL CD’s…never provide a function than sit in a landfill for eons. Striking how many companies use scare tactics for sales….

      • Where does None Given revel his or or herself to be an anti-masker? I believe the point their comment about future waste is that the sensor doesn’t really provide any real data and will end up with the mask in a landfill. The sensor provides no improvement in function for the mask.

  2. Clinton,. I will leave the efficacy to the other forums that are not cycling specific. That said, two weeks ago at a MTN race there were a few people (college age) who started with masks (under 10 I guess)…all by all reports were left on the trail. There are masks all over in the woods near the trail heads and all over within (biking, hiking and equestrian).

    Oddly, at work, masks are considered bio-hazard waste….I guess not so much in any non-clinical environment as the staff from stores are forced to pick them up from parking lots and on and on….so, not only does THIS mask not offer any gains over say an N95, most folks do not even know how to put on an N95 and they certainly were not intended to be re-used n any environment – let alone in one where someone is aerobic (anaerobic).

    If you want to wear five masks, seven helmets and nine sets of elbow pads….more power to you. Please do not leave them on the trails. Reality proves that many, many masks are left on the trails…..maybe this one costs enough to not be litter (and in such case will just sit in a landfill for decades or more)

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