Nukeproof have released a bolted frame strap for securing spares to the top tube of the Mega and Giga enduro bikes. Actually, it can be used on any bike that has mounting holes for an accessory plate or unused bottle cage mounts, helping almost all mountain bike riders go pack-free for those quick post-work summer evening laps at the local.

Nukeproof Bolt Mounted Accessory Strap

nukeproof bolton frame strap horzon accessories holder

Nukeproof make strong, reliable frame straps. We’ve been riding with the Nukeproof Horizon Enduro Frame Strap for two years now, and expect to continue using it for the next two years and beyond. The brand have now gone one better with the new Nukeproof Horizon Bolted Accessory Strap.

2021 nukeproof mega factory build carbon frame

Made specifically for the 2021 Mega and Giga bikes which have mounting holes under the top tube, the bolted strap can be used for secure, low-profile mounting of a tube and other spares for any bike with those same mounting holes.

nukeproof horizon accessories strap bolt mounted alloy back plate

The mounting plate allows for 20mm of fore-aft adjustment

The kit comes with an alloy back plate and three different lengths of strap. The longest strap accommodates an inner tube, 25g CO2 canister, a small pump and a tubeless repair kit.

nukeproof bolton frame strap tube holder

The shortest strap can also be used along with the Nukeproof Horizon carbon water bottle cage allowing you to carry a CO2 canister or small diameter pump.

Pricing & Availability

The new Nukeproof Horizon Bolted Accessory Strap is available in Black only, but you can get the alloy back plate in Blue, Red, Copper, Grey and Purple. Nukeproof offer the following three strap sizes:

  • 50mm x 314mm
  • 38mm x 265mm
  • 38mm x 130mm

Pricing info coming shortly!

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