Pacenti are hand building carbon wheelsets in the UK with their new 24mm internal width carbon rims said to be suitable for road, gravel and light XC MTB riding. Available in 650b and 700c, the all-new Pacenti Forza-C Wide carbon rims can be custom built to your desired spoke count and tension, and Pacenti will ship them fitted with your favorite tires at no additional cost, so you can hit the ground rolling.

Pacenti Forza-C Wide Wheelsets

pacenti forza-c wide carbon wheelsets for road gravel 30mm deep rims

The new 24mm carbon rim from Pacenti is their third rim to come with a lifetime warranty. By increasing the internal rim width from the original 21.3mm to 24mm, the hookless Pacenti Forza-C Wide rims are said to suitable for 28mm road tires, right up to 2.2″ wide mountain bike tires, optimized for a tubeless setup. They say this improves tire profile and increases tire volume for improved comfort.

pacenti forza-c wide handbuilt carbon wheels

The “standard” 650b and 700c wheelsets have 28h drilling, front and rear, but you can order a custom wheelset, specifying the spoke count from 24 up to 32. This will satisfy those riders who want to customize front and rear compliance for their perfect ride.

pacenti forza-c wide wheelsets gravel riding

With Pacenti hubs front and rear, and 28 Sapim D-Light spokes laced in a two-cross pattern, the brand publish a 1400g weight for the 700c wheelset. That’s for the non-boost configuration, running a 12mm x 142mm rear hub spacing and a 12mm x 100mm front axle. 

Pacenti also offer both the 650b and 700c wheelsets in 15mm x 100mm spacing (front) and 12mm x 135mm spacing (rear). QR versions are available through end caps purchased separately.

pacenti carbon rim 30mm deep 24mm internal rim width

Though that claimed weight is quoted for Sapim D-Light Spokes, only the rear wheel gets these. The front wheel is specified with Sapim CX-Ray spokes. 

forza-c wide pacenti carbon rim wheels

The Pacenti Forza-C Wide carbon rims have an asymmetric profile, said to be good for achieving the correct spoke tension when lacing to offset hub flanges. They are 30mm deep with a 29.6mm outer rim width. Maximum tire pressure is dependent on the volume of tire you fit to the rim, but the brand don’t recommend exceeding 105 PSI. 

carbon rim 24mm internal width pacenti

Pricing & Availability

Standard and custom configurations of the Pacenti Forza-C Wide wheelset retail at £999.99. You can hike the price by upgrading with hubset with offerings from DT Swiss, Hope, Shimano and others, and by adding your favorite set of tubeless tires. The wheelsets are available with Shimano HG, SRAM XD, Microspline and Campagnolo freehubs.


  1. joby on

    I don’t care how good these rims/wheels *might* be, I will *NEVER* give a penny to any company with this name on it. I have receipts for their defective products and current ownership’s unwillingness to cover the damage caused by crappy product or reimburse even a dollar.

    @bikerumor, feel free to reach out directly, I’ll send you all the communications.

    • K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

      Heard this story too many times in the last few years. Kirk should have kept his name out of deal when he sold the biz.

    • Polk on

      That’s too bad to hear. I have built up a couple sets of aluminum Kirk rims, and they were really nice. Built up straight and even tension with little effort. One of the wheelsets I sold a few years ago and the other I am still riding (MTB) with several thousand miles on it.


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