In an industry where the newest & shiniest rules, power meter maker 4iiii Innovations wants to recycle your old cranks into new power meters. The new 4iiii Crank Buyback Program will give you cold hard cash for that used, but still good alloy crankarm you have sitting in a parts bin, or donate that same money to get more kids on bikes. In the end, your old crankarm gets turned into a reCycled power meter, lowering the cost of entry to training with power for another aspiring cyclist…

4iiii recycles extra crankarms back into refurbished Powermeters

This is a super simple program that brings several issues together into one “why didn’t I think of that” solution. First, we’re in a bizarre industry supply shortage, so even companies like 4iiii are facing difficulty in keeping a steady supply of new crank arms on which to attach their power meter tech. Second, if you ever bought a simple left arm power meter upgrade from 4iiii (or similar from Stages), you likely have a perfectly good left crank arm sitting around collecting dust.

So, 4iiii buys that extra crank arm from you, cleans, inspects & tests it to see that it’s in good shape.  Then, they stick their power meter sensors onto it and sell it as a clearance “Previously Ridden” 1-sided power meter option for about 20% less than either a new 1-sided power meter or even their factory install option where you send them your crank to install the same sensors & return it directly to you.

The 4iiii reCYLCE cranks into powermeter result:

4iiii recycle crank buyback into refurbished powermeters, Trips for Kids

c. Trips for Kids

4iiii will buy your Shimano alloy left crank arm for $30-45 depending on which model it is. They will send you a prepaid shipping label (USA & Canada only for the time being). Once they receive your cranks and test them, they’ll install a brand new 4iiii Powermeter onto it. In roughly 10-20 days they will send you the rebate via PayPal.

Or you can forgo getting the cashback and instead donate it directly to Trips for Kids in the US or Two Wheel View in Canada, to help get more underprivileged kids on bikes. (You’ll even get a tax deduction receipt.)

4iiii recycle crank buyback into refurbished powermeters, Shimano 105 5800

Because of this recycled crank program, 4iiii makes these Previously Ridden left-arm-only power meters available for as little as $210, whether you sent them a crank arm or not. And of course, if you were already planning to buy one of their Ride-Ready power meters you save money without collecting extra crank arms at home.

4iiii President Phil White says, “Everyone benefits from a circular economy where we reduce waste, reuse products, and preserve resources in an effort to protect our environment.” The program is currently limited to cyclists in North America, but 4iiii is working on a global rollout working with their international partners.


    • Chris, on

      @Tom: I’ve only heard of faults appearing with the spider on the drive-side crank. I’ve never seen a problem on a non-drive-side Shimano crank, but maybe I’ve missed something.

  1. Involuntary Soul on

    it happens mostly in tropical and humid locations, they should limit the buyback to northern hemisphere hehe

    • Dylan Sutton on

      I understand you’re joking, but suspect you may have slept through geography class if you think tropical and humid locations are only in the Southern hemisphere…

  2. Dolan on

    Ironically I bet a good percentage of those left side crank arms people have laying around are the ones left over from people buying single sided PMs from 4iiii or Stages.

  3. TimE on

    How about I send them my unused and still new Shimano Left side craks arm and fit a power meter to for me for $210…..there’s a novel concept


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