Lizard Skins DSP V2 bar tape has been updated to be more durable. And now with the new 4.6mm option, you can add thicker and more comfortable to that list as well.

After starting with a single 2.4mm thickness, Lizard Skins later expanded the line to include 1.8 and 3.2mm thickness for those who wanted more control or more cushion. But with the growing interest in gravel, bikepacking, or just road bikers wanting more comfort, the tape has grown to its fattest yet – at 4.6mm thick. That of course is at the center with the thickness tapering to the edge for a smooth wrap on the handlebars.

Lizard Skins DSP V2 4.6mm bar tape

Currently, the new 4.6mm bar tape is only available in four colors – black, gray, red, and blue. In addition to being thicker, the 4.6mm tape is also a bit longer at 91″ (231cm) per roll, which weighs in at 102g. The tape is priced at $51.99 for a set, and includes the new screw-in bar plugs, finish strips and clamp covers.


  1. “Lizard Skins DSP V2 bar tape has been updated to be more durable” – My one try with DSP 2 years ago was surface peeling in 60 days. honestly not going to try it again.

    • Durability of Lizard Skins tape seems to vary significantly between different riders. The Lizard Skins tape on my wife’s bike suffers from surface peeling within a couple of months. I often ride more than her, but get a year or two out of it and by then it’s normally other signs of wear, not always surface peeling that makes me change it. It’s the same tape, installed by the same person, so I don’t know what she does to have such different results.

      • Lasted the amazing duration of 8 rides (cumulating less than 5 or 600km) peeling right in the handlebars curve (and it was installed without stretching). The tape being white it looked like crap in no-time… even at 20$ that would be a no… so at 50??

        • In my experience, tension of the wrap is crucial – too much when winding results in skin failure very quickly. Use less tension than you typically use, and the stuff actually lasts a long time. I’ve had the same tape on my bars for 5 years, albeit in the drops, and the bike gets ridden 2x/wk

          • Wow… 5 years, that’s a crazy long-time period for a consumable part (even if depends more ride-duration that number of rides)… I am well familiar about the non-stretch requirements while installing those bar-tapes… despite, it peeled on the top of the “bar-corner” in few rides.

    • Yes, its dumb expensive. But it really is awesome tape. I wont use anything else on my cross bike. Once you try it, you’ll be ruined haha.

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