These days, it seems like everyone has their own idea of what makes the fastest chain lube. That includes the crew over at Allied Cycle Works. What does a carbon bicycle manufacturer know about chain lube? Well, after their Able gravel frame was released in 2019, the bike was raced to victory in both men’s and women’s pro classes at the most recent Unbound Gravel 200 race. And apparently, the bike might not be their only secret weapon…

Grax Chain lube application

You might not end up looking like the Graxquatch after every ride, but it’s those super mucky conditions that apparently help set Grax apart. Designed to repel water and dirt in both dry and muddy conditions while reducing wattage expenditure due to drivetrain friction, Grax claims that their wax based lubricant is different than anything else on the market. Grax is meant for any conditions on any type of bike – not just gravel.

grax chain lube and grax off

In order to be properly applied, the drivetrain has to be “clean of dirt, debris, and other lubricants.” The team behind Grax wanted a more friendly cleaner that was safe and easy to use at home, so they developed their own – Grax Off which is non-toxic and biodegradable.

To illustrate how it’s applied, Grax enlisted the help of Colin Strickland aka, the Graxquatch. According to Colin, the application can last up to 350 miles in good conditions and the Grax lube can be applied up to three times without needing a deep clean in between. Severe conditions shorten that window to 100 miles with a full cleaning before reapplication.

Grax is sold as the chain lube only ($20), Grax Off only ($20), or as a Grax Pack which includes a factory treated chain of your choice, as well as a 4oz bottle of Grax lube, and a 16oz bottle of Grax OFF. Current chain options include both road/gravel 11 & 12 speed options and 12 speed MTB options with pricing starting at $75 for a SRAM Force D1 Flattop 12 speed chain pack.

Available now.


  1. lubelover on

    another lube with no independent or even their own data to prove it is good or better than what’s on the market. Words are empty – show us the DATA!


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