Bar end plugs serve a few purposes. They protect the end of your bar. They can prevent taking a core sample of your mid-section if you get a bar to the stomach during a crash. They can also anchor your bar tape (if you prefer to wrap it that way). They also offer an opportunity to customize the look of your bike. But they can’t do any of this if they don’t stay in place.

Wolf Tooth Components alloy bar end plug

Fortunately, there are products out there like the new Alloy Bar End Plugs from Wolf Tooth Components. Made in the USA from high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum for the cap, the 7075 aluminum bolt pulls on the glass-filled nylon expanding wedge to lock the bar end plug in place. Compatible with bars measuring from 16-21.5mm internally, a 3mm hex wrench is used to secure the plugs.

Wolf Tooth Components alloy bar end plug in gravel bike

That range gives you options that include using them for a flat handlebar on a mountain bike, or a drop bar for road or gravel. The expanding nature also means you can use it to lock the tape in place if you overlap the ends of your bars, or you can cut the tape flush and the plug will still wedge in place.

Wolf Tooth Components alloy bar end plug colors

Offered in eight anodized colors to match other WTC parts, a set of two plugs weighs just 17g and sells for $20.


    • Shafty on

      “Bit too proud”? What are you on about? They’re $20 and made in USA. Looking at similar products, that’s about the going rate. The nearest one I could find is a bit clunky in comparison.

      These are a nice add on from Wolftooth.

    • K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

      What would be absolutely brilliant-brilliant is if they focused on getting the chainring I want in stock instead of messing with kind of overpriced bar end plugs. I’d dig that instead.

  1. Tony Pepperoni on

    $20 is kind of a lot for bar end plugs, but I just spent $22 on fried dinosaur yesterday sooooooo….

  2. Lawrence L on

    I have a bottle cap from some rum I drank on one side, and another bottle cap from a bottle of Coke on the other. Looked way cooler. LOL

  3. Hamjam on

    How can you visit a blog with a $15k ebike and be shocked this? This seems like a fair price, and I will be buying these. Another win for WTC.


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