Specialized just unveiled the new Turbo Kenevo SL, and with it? That would be another launch video with incredible production value more like something you’d find in a Michael Bay film than a bike launch.

With a hero that’s sort of a Halo meets Transformers mashup, the Kenevo SL avatar goes up against the trail monster. Of course, “with the power to slay monster trails,” the Kenevo SL comes out on top – with some help from a range extender though.



  1. FrankTheTank on

    Skidding all over the damn place, riding eMTB’s on singletrack showing a serious lack of trail ediqute, concern for the sustainability of our trails and other trail users. I’m with the rock beast on this one. He was just trying to protect the mountain from idiots.

    • The Raccoon on

      Errr, those are braking skids and cutties, not anything to do with the motor. You can’t generate roost from a Kenevo motor. You’re right that skidding all over the trail is bad form, but it’s not any more possible on an ebike than a regular bike.

    • whatever on

      FrankTheTank yeah like the bro rider isn’t skidding and rooster tailing around every berm. Also here, they remove or ride around trail closed signs to ride in muck and standing water destroying trails. Conditions that would shut an ebike down.

    • None Given on

      So, worried about a few skids when a giant monster jumped out of the mountain? Okay, time for a priority check.

  2. brokynsymmetry on

    I have to wonder what sense of accomplishment there is in spending $15k to delude yourself into thinking you’re “defeating” some challenging trail. Such a bourgeoise indulgence.

  3. WhateverBikes on

    Lame. Give me a nineties Stupjumper to ride, oh excuse me, ‘slay’ a nice trail with riding skills, fitness and grit. A simple robust bike with decent brakes and gears, and I’ll do the rest, thank you very much. Suspension eats away the shocks, gps shows the way, the motor helps you pedal… what a boe fest. Why bother going out for a ride to begin with?

    • Tom on

      great for you. But see if you feel the same way when you hit 60+ and while the mind is still willing, the body isn’t. I can still handle the trails I love, but at some point, I won’t be able to pedal those super steep hills w/ technical sections.


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