Colnago just unveiled a first-ever; its limited-edition V3Rs TdF is the first official bicycle in the Tour de France history (in collaboration with Amaury Sport Organization).


The limited (and we mean limited) run of bikes pays homage to Tour de France from 1903 to today — 108 years. That’s precisely how many bikes will be made available for purchase for the mere price of $16,399 (£11,090, €13,200), but…can you put a price on history?

Colnago TDF V3R in the wheels

The bike itself was already stunning; the Colnago V3R now boasts black matte paint with iconic yellow leader jersey accents on the frame and the right brake lever. Tour de France logos emblazoned on the top tube, fork, and seat tube complement the overall aesthetic of the build.

Colnago_V3Rs TDF_front_dx

For those unfamiliar, the V3R is Colnago’s all-around bike — aerodynamic yet lightweight. The frameset weighs in at a scant 790g (size 50) in the company’s raw disc version.


“We are very happy to have found a licensee in Colnago which is part of the history of the Tour de France,” said Laurent Lachaux, ASO Head of Commercial, in a press release easily today. “As Colnago bikes are universally recognized as amongst the most technical and well-designed in the world, we could not have opted for a better choice.”

Colnago TDF V3R climbing

It’s not just the frameset that gets the TdF treatment. The same goes for the limited edition gear adorning the V3R TdF. The Selle Italia SLR Boost saddle and Continental GP 500 tires get a splash of Maillot Jaune yellow.


“Colnago has in its DNA the ability to always arrive first in the market, and once again, it has happened thanks to the choice of the Tour de France,” said Manolo Bertocchi, Head of Marketing Colnago. “A beautiful, unique, and limited edition bicycle. A real Colnago.”

Colnago_V3Rs TDF_disc

The groupset for this build could be no other than Campagnolo Super Record ESP with a limited edition yellow right brake lever. The Super Record ESP isn’t the only Campagnolo gear on the V3r. The new Bora Ultra WTO DB wheels, with a beautiful C-LUX finish, keep this rolling art fast — check out our review here.

Colnago_V3Rs TDF_top_tube

Rounding out the stealth yet traditional look of the V3R are Deda Elementi Alanera DCR bars with smart internal cable routing. The one-piece bar/stem expertly hides the brake hose and wires, which pass inside the stem and the pivot of the fork, giving the bicycle a flawless look — Vive le tour!

Colnago_V3Rs TDF_saddle


  1. Bryin on

    Genius, pure gennius. I salute anyone that can get people to pay $16k for a made inChina carbon frame they produce fore less than $500. Great job!

      • rob on

        actually, there’s a strong possibility the frame itself is made in china or even vietnam… the “made in” sticker is somewhat based off percentage content, but also where the final assembly was done. for example, with full suspension frames, most companies will actually make all the parts of the frame in china, all the way thru paint/finish…. and then ship those parts to taiwan to their taiwan location (usually the same company) where they then assemble all the parts…. that’s how they slap a made in taiwan sticker on there. for road bikes it’s a little trickier, but its not too difficult getting enough made in TW components to get that final made in taiwan sticker…. Taiwan actually does very little, when it comes to actually manufacturing carbon components.

  2. bmx on

    but…can you put a price on history? Well they just did – sorry they commodified, repackaged and marketed it to a specific demographic

    • None Given on

      At the end of the day, who cares? Heck, most couples own a biggest rip off known to man…diamonds. The value of something is subjective. Would I pay $16k for a bike? Well, darn near…is it worth it to me? Certainly. Will I pay $5 for a Starbucks coffee? Um, what, you think I am mad at my money and want to waste it?


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